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November 7, 2009 | | Posted in Event

I have always wanted to shoot a concert. But never seems to have the chance to do so. I finally got to do so a few weeks ago. Sunway surf beach played host to Akon. I got there quite late as I had something to attend to earlier. Thank God I was late. The concert only started around 8.30 pm. The crowd was quick to warm up to Akon. One thing I can conclude is, Akon is truly an artist. The highlight of the nite was …He dove into the crowd a couple of time. He even body surfed from the stage to the end of the stage. One word..Siao. Hahaha. But I enjoyed it. Hehehe. Anyhow, this is the first post in the new web. Am still trying to iron out the details. Hope you guys like the new layout. I have to extend thanks to Andychin for the customization and Benjamin Lim for the base theme codes. Cheers.

Note: For those who may asked why cant see Akon’s face..It is intended 🙂

Akon BW

Akon driving the crowd into frenzy mode

Akon BW

Can t show his face coz ‘you know why’

Akon BW

Akon bodysurfs the crowd

Akon BW

My People!

Akon BW


Akon BW

The King and His People

Akon BW

Pretty Fans

Akon BW

Young Fan

Akon BW

Hyper Fan

15 Responses to “Akon”

  1. Ian says:

    Cool bro, I like the big big big photos. Yummy!

  2. Eva says:

    Jason…. photographs are wonderfully taken… love the lighting…i especially love the last photo… that’s so akon… hahahaaha….. great work! 😀

  3. Naqib/Qippy says:

    Nice set of pics,I love the last Akon shot..very dramatic capture there…nice 🙂

  4. apai says:

    how liao… cool shots.. love the ‘water splash’ pic.. bila boleh berguru???

  5. wspang says:

    nice bro, good lighting.

  6. Tallboyz says:

    OMG! Very nice, the moments was just nice although it behind of him. Bravo!

  7. beyond says:

    Hi guys. Thanks for the drop by. Really appreciate this. Thanks again.

  8. Francis says:

    Waaaa … this is pro man !! Well done, Jason.

  9. andre@shooter says:

    Really nice.
    But too bad a lot only show his back. If shoot in front, those will be great.

  10. Joy says:

    Finally huh!!

  11. This is just my sort of my music, thank you! I’ll be back!

  12. beyond says:

    ANdre: Got frontal shots. WIll post those later. Cant post frontal shots now.

    Joy: Yeah. FInally.

    Nigel: Thanks.

  13. Mun Keat says:

    Well done Jason. Seems like a really fun event to cover. Cheers and thanks for sharing!

  14. stockie says:

    I didn’t say this often especially general event/wedding shots but your B&W is awesome!

  15. beyond says:

    Wow, bro stockie. Thanks for the comment. Coming from you, it s an honour.

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