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Must Blog…Must Blog!~

March 20, 2010 | | Posted in Event

Hello Hello!~ I know I have not updated my blog regularly. My bad..My bad. I tried. I do have a couple of draft saved up. But I m having a ‘writer’s block’ LOL. I love to write..Yes I do. I cant write material like what you see in the magazine, no. But I always try to write from heart. Anyway, had a lovely yumcha session with Brother Edwin two nights ago. He was telling me, ‘Update your blog la..”. I said I m having a writer’s blog. He said..You can still post pics. LOL. So I got back and went through my archive to see what I have worthy of posting on the web. Oh yes I did. A gem or two. Nothing fantastic. But it s something from the 1 Utama Countdown Concert last year. Hahaha. This time there is a pic or two in colour. Kekekek. So here you go Edwin bro. Some pics lar. KEkekek

1 Utama 2010 Countdown Concert

988 Radio Deejay

1 Utama 2010 Countdown Concert

I forgot his name 😛

1 Utama 2010 Countdown Concert

I forgot his name too 😛

I love Flare

I love flare!~

Joe Flizzow

Joe Flizzow

Joe Flizzow

Joe Flizzow

3 Responses to “Must Blog…Must Blog!~”

  1. yoong says:

    great event shots jason.

  2. ted earl says:

    Writer’s block is very similar to constipation. ONce blog liao you feel very relieved one. Heheh.

  3. darvit says:

    those are great shot ! if they were superstar, would be even nicer ! 😀

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