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Leica M9 and The Legendary Noctilux

April 29, 2010 | | Posted in Film BW, Rants

Woot! Sometime ago I had a small TT session with my friends. One of them brought a M9 and another had his 50 mm Noctilux. So I mounted the lens and had a go with it. I find the Noct exhibits some really neat characteristics of its own. For instance, when shot wide..You will get some really nice vignetting effect. Hahaha. Yes, that s right. No need to photoshop. The image is not really sharp. It s a bit soft. So I sharpen my shot abit. Not supposed to do that, but I think I wanted all the attention on my subject of interest. The bokeh rendered is amazingly addictive. Once you tried it, you would wanna try to shoot wide open all the time. This is not the first time I handled the M9. But I would like to comment on a few things. First, I dunno why the hell it cost so much compared to the M8 and M8.2 . And even if you have the moolah for one, M9 is pretty scarce. It s hard to land your hands on one. Even if you do find one, the price tag is pretty high. I have seen some trying to sell at RM28k in Msia and higher than RM30k in HK. So if your urge to get one is high, by all means get it. Put the price factor and el-cheapo LCD aside..You have one hell of a RF camera here. Here is a pic to illustrate the output from the M9 and Noct.

Noctilux Test shot

Photo data:
Year: 2010
Sensor: Leica M9
Developer : Photoshop
Lens: 50 mm Noctilux

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    That doesn’t surprise me at all..hehe..I have had my photo’s of a bride posted even in gossip forums!

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