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Alive and Not Dead

May 22, 2010 | | Posted in Rants

I remember I used to rummage through my parent’s wardrobe, closet, drawers and other compartments as a small kid. Yes..I know I shouldn’t do that. But as a kid, I was curios kid by nature. It s like going on a treasure hunt at home. I would be fascinated every time I find something new eg My parents Love Letters 😛 , Jewelries and etc. My dad used to have an old Yashica . Sad to say..I cant remember which model it was. But I remember going into the room quietly, opened the drawer, took out the camera and crank the advance lever quietly. Every time I released the shutter, I will imagine I am somewhere, taking pictures. If I am not mistaken, I think dad used to love to take pictures of us. But I don’t know why he gave up somewhere along the road haha. The camera eventually got discarded as it was full of fungus.

Leica IIIF

Sometime last year in 2009. I was bitten by the Leica Leitz IIIF bug. I think it s all because of Liew aka Silentshutter’s fault. He left his unit in my dry box for sometime. His IIIF is a Black Dial version. A Leica III is seriously a fully mechanical rangefinder. Not a camera for everyone but if you are serious about photography, you will appreciate such a masterpiece. First that grabs you is..The loading mechanism. You will have to trim the film leader. Loading is unlike the conventional way. Some might find it a hassle. It still amazes me how those war photographer changed film rapidly under stress *bullets and explosions all around* The is a Visual Finder (50 mm) and a Rangefinder Focusing window. Not easy as you will have to look into the Visual Finder first to compose and then into the Rangefinder Focusing window to focus. For focusing, there is even a zooming lever where you can zoom in to make focusing easier. After releasing the shutter, to advance you will have to rotate and dial the advance knob. Interesting piece of camera if you ask me. Hehehe.

I managed to get one really Mint Leica IIIF Red Dial Self Timer from a Hong Kong eBay seller. I was told that I do not require Clean Lube and Adjustment (CLA) as the owner had done so. Paid somewhere near a premium price for this camera. But when it arrived, I found that the camera need some form of adjustment. Didn’t pursue the matter with the seller as he is in Hong Kong. I shot a test roll of 36 exposures. First 20 frames came out perfect, but the last 16 frames were half exposed. Contacted YouXin. He said it s best to have it CLA-ed. Called my regular middleman Eddie Teoh. Had the camera passed to Vinson. I received the camera last week. Unfortunately..I dont want to say Vinson did a shoddy job. But the camera came back with 3 problems. It s back with him. I hope he will do a better job. To his credit, he did a really good job with my Pre AI and AI Nikon lens. Those were badly fungus-ed. The lens came back in pristine condition, not even a hint of wipemarks. So I hope the IIIF is an isolated case 🙂

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