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Bundle of Joy

May 17, 2010 | | Posted in Film BW, Rants

Good Evening all!~ I m going to be a Daddy soon. Wife is currently 30 weeks pregnant. It sĀ  such an amazing experience from Day 1. I didn’t really blog about this earlier. So I guess I want to share this now. We actually got to know about the pregnancy last year (Nothing to be shy about despite we actually got Married this year, but we are legally registered early last year) on the 27th of November. It was a day before my cousin’s birthday. Hahaha. Can remember this forever. I could hardly contain my excitement when wifey called me that morning. It was around 8 am. She told she had a positive result for the pregnancy test kit. The first person I called was my cousin. Hahaha. I didnt tell mom and dad immediately. I was worried as they are kinda traditional. But I did tell my parents after speaking with my cousin. I was kinda shock actually. The person who I thought all along as aĀ  open minded person (mom) was shocked whereas the person I thought of as ‘kolot’ (dad) was pretty cool about it. Hahahah. Mom eventually shared the happiness and excitement. She was already wishing for a grand daughter. * her wish came true*

We went to a private O and G doctor at Sentosa Hospital to ‘confirm’ the pregnancy. Pregnancy was confirmed via a test strip again. Next came the ultrasound machine. Dr showed us a small sac with a black dot. She said, there..That s your Baby. I was like..Wah!~ But the next thing she did really kicked in. Dr: Mr Ng, Lets see if we can see the heartbeat. Me: Dr, Baru 6 weeks only wo..? And the next thing I saw was some ECG waves on the monitor. It was then, when I became kinda excited and in awe. I am going to be a father. Life is really a miracle. It’s just so magical. I got a copy of scan and kept it in the wallet šŸ™‚

Fast forward, wow..Wifey is 4 months into pregnancy. We went for regular checkups in Klinik Kesihatan Jinjang. They have a Klinik Ibu and Anak there. We were actually amazed at the stringent screening process in KKJ. They did all kind of tests. Kudos to them. Imagine how much you will have to pay if these procedures are done in the private sector. Every a month or so, we went back for ultrasound scan. And this time, I asked the Dr ‘Eh Dr, Boleh nampak Boy or Girl tak? ‘ She zoomed into something and we actually saw a Penis!~ I was like super happy at that time coz I wanted a Boy!~ Hahahaha. Wifey have always wanted a girl. Kekekek. So I was talking to the tummy for one month or so by referring the baby as Boy Boy. Imagine my shock when during the fifth month ultrasound, we failed to locate the tiny kukuciao. Kakaka. Dr told me, ‘Jason..Saya rasa girl la..Pasal nampak Burger’. Hahaha. This time, Wifey was really happy. My mom was even happier. I was disappointed. But at the end of the day, I know I would be happy as long the baby is healthy šŸ™‚

So last night, wifey is already 30 weeks pregnant. I took out the camera and said ‘Mummy!~ Come..Lets take some picture’. It was raining and we did about 10 shots in the bedroom Hehehe. Since I am still in Black and White mood. I kinda converted some pics into BW again. Kekekeke. One thing I noticed was..The tummy is really Bulat. Old people has this saying ‘ If it s a boy, the tummy elongates. And if it s a girl, the tummy is Round’. I guess it s pretty true. I hope to take more pics soon. So stay tune šŸ™‚

PregnancyMy wife asked me to smooth-en her hands..Mana boleh wey!~ Hahahah *evil*

PregnancyNot exactly what I had in my mind..My PP not power la

7 Responses to “Bundle of Joy”

  1. Mark Leo says:

    Congratulations on the baby Jason, you will be a very proud and happy dad!!!

  2. Andre Tong says:

    Agree that the hand should not be smoothen. kekeke…

  3. Ted Earl says:

    Congratulations Jason. Big responsibility ahead of you now and I wish you and your wife all the best! šŸ™‚

  4. Rommel says:


    Congratulations and all the best of luck.

    Soon you’ll be saying..sigh..why they grow up so fast as in my case šŸ™‚

    Cheers & we wish you and your wife all the blessings and happinness.

  5. beyond says:

    Thanks guys. Looking forward to take more pics.

  6. Naqib/Qippy says:

    Congrats..when is she due?

  7. beyond says:

    Thanks Qippy. She is due sometime in July. Excited. Hahaha. Anyone tried using MPE 65 to take macro shots of baby Feet?

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