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May 23, 2010 | | Posted in Rants

Good Morning. Yes! I know its 1.24 am in the morning. Actually waiting for Champion League Final. But I am gonna talk about something else. I was browsing through Flickr today and I came across some really nice Polaroid pictures. I thought the guy had some Polaroid template and Photoshop-ed the picture into the base template. I mailed him and asked. I was kinda surprised when he replied and told me its not a template. I can actually download the program from the net. He gave me the link to Poladroid. You guy can visit the web via http://poladroid.net. It’s available in both Mac and Windoze format. I downloaded the version for Windoze. Installation was fairly easy. Hehehe. When done click on the Poladroid icon on the desktop. The program will run and you will see a Polaroid camera. Hahaha. Here comes the fun part. Drag any picture onto the camera. Yes..Click and Drag. Oh yeah, make sure speaker ada on ok? If you ever handled a Polaroid camera or Fujifilm Instax, you will recognize the whirling sound immediately. The best part, this is your digital Polaroid. An image will appear on your desktop. Similar to the exposed Polaroid. If want the hasten the process, click on the image and drag it left and right. This is to simulate the ‘Polaroid shaking’ procedure. After a while, when a ribbon appears on the picture, voila..You have a Polaroid picture!~ I damn gatal and processed alot today. Have a look.

Leica IIIF Poladroid

Leica IIIF

P.S. As off 10.45 am, I have problems with my wordpress. Am updating by typing in HTML codes. Hopefully this will work out. Hahahah.

P.S.2. As off 11.02 am, I have successfully posted a blog entry by using HTML codes. But susah la…

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  1. ted earl says:

    This looks interesting. Will check it out!

  2. beyond says:

    Its Fun Ted. Do check it out.

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