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Somewhere out There

May 30, 2010 | | Posted in Rants

Half cut

Morning all!~Tried taking a shot at the moon? I was browsing my Flickr account this morning and I came across this picture. I think I shot this pic some years ago. I had a 300 mm back then. When coupled with a crop body camera it becomes 450 mm effectively. Many years ago, I had a telescope. A cheapo RM200 Stargazer telescope. But it functioned well until it was attacked by fungus. I would often take a peek at the moon from my room. I remember I was really fascinated with it cause ‘Hey..You are viewing the moon up close and personal”.  So..Armed with a 300 mm ( You could still achieve something similar with a 180 mm lens) and the Nikon D300, I took some shots of the moon. Spot metered the moon and used a small aperture to obtain good depth of field. Ah yes, don’t forget your trusty tripod and cable release. Those are essential gears for night shoot.

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