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Nathania Ng

July 20, 2010 | | Posted in Rants

Nathania Ng En Qi was delivered safely on the 19th of July 2010 1.48 am. It was a sheer joy and relief for both me and my wife. I am going to share a story with a first time parents to be. Last Thursday was the last checkup for Yee Woon. Nathania was due to arrive on the 23th of July 2010. We were informed by the Dr, if Nathania is not delivered by 22th of July 2010, Yee Woon have to be admitted on the 22th. We were required to record baby movement as it nears the delivery date. From 9 am to 9 pm, if the baby registers more than 10 kicks, its SAFE. Less than that, please head to the nearest hospital. What we didnt know was, it s pretty normal for the baby to limit its movement as the delivery date approaches. We got panicky on Fri night when Nathania movement decreases. Sat morning, wifey woke me up and said “Dear, Baby didnt move since last nite, can we go to the hospital later?”. Imagine the shock on my face when she said that. I got out of the bed immediately and prepared to head to the hospital. Bag=Check, Baby’s gov clinic progress book aka Passport for delivery= Check, Nappy and Baby Stuff= Check. Off we went. The journey to the hospital was quick. Double signal on!~ I got to HUKM from Segambut Dalam in about 15 minutes. We stopped at the O&G check in.

Yee Woon got into the inspection room and was attended to immediately. They have this device which was known as ‘Portable Karaoke’ once upon a time. It s used to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. What a relief it was when we were told that the baby is fine. We were told that the contraction has started. Yee Woon had to be admitted immediately. Fine by me. It s around 7 am and we got to Wad Nilam. By 11 am, wifey is having some form of contraction. Every 3-5 minutes or so, Yee Woon’s tummy contracts and it turns into a very hard ball. So…This is what they call contraction. Hehehe. I thought Yee Woon will give birth that day (Sat). I was wrong. From the ward, the cervix needs to open until 4 cm before they transfer you to the delivery room. I waited till 8 pm..Guess what..It s only 1 cm. LOL!~ Back home I went.

Fast forward!~ Its Sunday morning. Called Yee Woon and asked “Dear!~ Berapa cm dah?” Yee Woon answered 2 cm. She sounded like she is in pain which was true. As the contraction gets stronger, you will feel more pain in the cervix. I got to the hospital around 11.30 am. Dr prescribed her Pethidine 75 mg IM. This is because Yee Woon was in pain. Best thing is, she got very sleepy instead after the injection. Not much of a painkiller if you ask me. I waited till 4.30 pm to get some confirmation of the cervix opening. After another VE (vaginal examination), I was told its only 3 cm. I decided to head home and told Yee Woon I will be back around 8 pm. It was raining. I was hungry. Havent eat my lunch yet. I bought some Maggi mee from Mont Kiara 7 Eleven. I was almost back home when Yee Woon called me. “Dear!~ Water bag burst!~ They are transferring me to the Delivery room. Come! Quick!” Panic mode kicked in and I was like “WTF!~ I am almost home!~” I took a quick bath and rushed back to the hospital. In my mind..I thought by the time I got to the hospital, the baby is out. Hahaha. Talk about first timer. I was WRONG!~

Registered myself at the security for the delivery room pass. I got in and asked the Dr. “Macam mana? Dah bersalin?” The Dr gave me the weird look and said “Baru 4 cm aje.” I was like “Ok..Tunggu berapa lama lagi?” Dr look at me again and went ” 10 cm” I was like…Double WTF! According to theory, from 4 cm, they will burst the water bag if its not done yet naturally. Then the waiting game begins ( I didnt read up on this..I went unprepared. So I hope you guy will do so). Yee Woon went into the delivery room around 5 pm. By 12.30 midnite, it s only 5 cm. Can you imagine the pain she went through? Now only I know the greatest pain and love a mother goes through is labour pain. They hooked her up to a machine that measures the baby heart rate and contraction rate. I could tell when the contraction occurs. Zero reading means no contraction. The machine can measure up to 127. So when the number goes up slowly, you will know. How? Yee Woon’s facial expression changes, eye rolled and of course, she screams. It s the worst when the number hit 127. I couldnt do anything. The only thing I could do was to ‘Gas’ her. Apparently it helps. But it did not in her case. She was already cursing coz she was in so much pain. “Jason!~ Its all your fault!~ Why did you tell the Dr no Cesarean?” , “Please transfer me to the private hospital, I want Ceasarean!”, “Dear, the Gas is not working!”, “I am willing to pay, just get me to a private hospital!”, ” I feel like dying!!!”…It hurts me so much watching her groaning in pain, face twisted and eyes rolling..But what can I do? Except Gassing her Hahahah. I told her “Dear, you got to control your breath”. I know..Talk is easy. Seriously..If you cant take the pain, C-sec is your choice. No joke. Oh yeah, they gave her another round of Pethidine which by this time, we all know..It just knocks you out..But the pain is still there.

I couldnt take it anymore, I told Yee Woon, ” Dear..I am gonna take a short nap outside”. It s 12.30 am. Dr said its only 5 cm. By my rough estimation, it opens a cm an hour. So..I thought its gonna be in 6 am. I tried to sleep on the sofa. Its difficult. Not much space. I drifted in and out. Yee Woon’s painful groan can be heard all the way to the waiting area. Suddenly, a medical student taps me on the shoulder “Sir, wake up! She is ready..Its 10 cm!” I was like okok ! Come. I looked at the clock. O!~ Its 1.30 am. How come suddenly so fast? God answered my prayers la!~ I went in and got in place. Held her hands and say “Mummy, moment of truth is here” Actually, I have no idea what s gonna happen (its not the same as what we watch on TV k?) By now, we had about 6-7 medical students and Staff nurses. All were there to cheer her on. Some lubricant was applied to the vagina to ease the exit of the baby’s head. Instruction was very clear. Try pushing as though you are shitting in the loo. No sound or leaking sound allowed. The moment you feel the pain, push!!~ It s not easy. But Yee Woon did in 3 tries. Of course in between, the Staff nurse actually cut the vagina slightly ( now that s what the big scissors for!) Third push and the baby’s head exits. It happened quickly. The moment the head is out, the nurse pulls the whole body out and it was like Whooosh!~ All the blood, water, shit (baby’s) comes out.

Nurses inserts a tube into the baby’s nose to remove the liquid from the airways. They cut the umbilical cord and the baby is immediately whisked out of the room. They cleaned her up and I took some pics. Of course, I was in awe of everything that I was shocked for a moment. Happy coz it s my first child (flesh and blood wey..) and Yee Woon is no longer in any pain. It s surreal. But for those who followed me on Twitter and Facebook..Yes..I was updating non stop. Hahahah. So..They gave Nathania Vitamin K injection and Hepatitis B injection. They also cleaned up mummy. Some suturing was done. They removed the placenta. Funny, the Medical student asked me, “Sir, do you want to bring the placenta back?” It reminds me of something I read on Harian Metro. Some women believe that if you cook a meal out of the placenta, it keeps you young..EEyuck. I told the student they can dispose it. After they cleaned the baby up, I made some calls to family members, they brought the baby to mummy. Voila..Nature takes over. Breast feeding session begins. After I m assured that both of them are doing well, I went home. I got back around 5 am. Got to sleep by 5.30 am. A once in a lifetime experience (If satu anak la), this is not to be missed experience. I thank God for blessing us a beautiful and healthy child, I present to you all, Nathania Ng En Qi.

Nathania Ng

Born on 19th July 2010 Year of the Tiger

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  1. rommel says:


    I understand how you feel.
    The same thing happened to me watching Pei Nee in pain but knowing that you cannot do anything to ease her.

    We opted for epidural inj. at the end. She did not feel even a tingle after that.

    Prepare yourself for sleepless nights my friend & enjoy your first born. Being a father changed me to be better and I’m sure it’ll do the same to you too.

    Congratulations to you & Yee Woon.


  2. Vivian says:

    Hey…Congratulations! It’s really fun reading your blog and updates! 🙂 Finally the baby princess has arrived. She’s wonderful! Keep us posted with lotsa photos. Regards to Yee Woon, may her recover in speed.

  3. ted earl says:

    Wow, what a story. It was as if I was there with you. Congratulations to you and your wife on the delivery!

  4. beyond says:

    Thanks guys! It s something worth sharing.

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