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What s Next?

July 24, 2010 | | Posted in Rants

Good afternoon all!~ It s Saturday!~ Nathania is officially 5 and 1/2 days old. Yes, it s all exciting to being a father.  Am gonna talk a bit being a father for the first time. To be honest, it never crossed my mind that one day I ll get married and start a family. If you know me, you will understand my concerns with my family. But that s another story. I have learn to accept and move on. First thing that most new parents do when they have a newborn in the family, is to register them with Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN). I did Nathania’s at Kepong JPN. My dad went along with me. According to him, registering a baby is different now compared to the old days. Gone are the days where you are only required to produce a declaration chit from a ‘doctor’ or ‘clinic’. The following items are a MUST to bring during registration:

  • Filled up form (with the given name, complete with parents’ detail)
  • Original and photocopied Marriage Certificate
  • Original and photocopied ICs (Yes, both mom and dad even though mom is not there)
  • Original and photocopied check up and follow up book (Hospitals and clinics)
  • Delivery note from the hospital

All information will be verified at the counter. It s a good move from JPN. The number of ‘foreigners’ ending up as Malaysians seems to be on the increasing trend in recent years. All newborns has to be registered as soon as possible. I read somewhere there is a penalty or fine for late registrations. A nice birth cert is issued upon confirmation. A baby myCard will be issued within 3 weeks.

For newborns, you can choose between breastfeeding or formula milk. We opted for breastfeeding. Breast milk is the best stuff you can give to your newborn. During the first 3 days, the baby gets the best nutrition and defense system via the yellowish substance called colostrum.  It s good stuff as people pay premiums to buy those  commercial ‘Colostrum’ available at your local pharmacies. It may seems little but rest assured, despite the small amount, baby is getting enough for the first 3 days. Loss in weight is common. Don’t be surprised by the low urine output. Its common. Nathania wet one diaper a day for the first 3 days. She only had her first poo on the fourth day. Milk production goes full scale on Day 4. You will need to let the baby suckle on the nipple every two hours or so. This is to maintain stimulation to ensure ample milk production. You may notice milk trickling out from one of your breast as the baby nurse on the other. This is common too. Hahahaha. I was wondering by my wife’s shirt is all wet. You can alleviate the problem by using nursing pads. But according to a fellow pharmacist of mine who gave birth recently, the best method is to pump the milk out. I am using a manual pump instead of electrical. Regrets..Should have gotten an electrical version.

Nathania’s poo poo is healthy yellow colour. Nice!!~ Hehehehe. Some folks say that if you take breast milk, poo production is low. I cant verify that yet. But according to mum, it s easier on the bowel movement compared to commercial milk powder. Some may be too rich in iron hence hard stool. Yesterday, I had a huge scare. Baby Nathania wet her nappy. When mummy did the nappy change, she saw blood stain on the nappy. I was shocked and worried sick when I saw that. Did a quick check with mummy, “Is baby crying?”, “Fever?”, “Unusual movement?” Thank God no. Made a quick call to Dr Teh (By the way, Dr Teh is a pediatrician besides a great photographer). Dr Teh, thanks for answering my queries! According to him, it s common for baby girl to have menses during the first weeks. Now we know!~ Hahaha. Plenty to learn. Baby’s face is changing everyday. Here is a pic shot on Day 4. Had some guidance on BW conversion from MunKeat (Do check out his work. Absolutely love his vintage conversion). Same as photography. Its about a journey rather than a destination. I got to practice more Photoshop. Signing off for now. Ciao.

Nathania Ng

Eyes look like who ar?

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    Baby is lovely 🙂

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    Thanks Vivian!~

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