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Angkor Wat

August 13, 2010 | | Posted in Rants

Third blog post for the night. Baby is sleeping. So I took the the op to go through my Flickr’s sets. Was browsing my Crossing Bridges 5 set. Found some pics which I think its worth sharing (Although some may beg to differ). Anyway as usual, did some conversion, Yes!~ I am a Black and White freak. This shot was done with Lighting Guru Mr Ted Adnan. Besides being an accomplished strobist, to my surprise, Ted is equally knowledgeable in Landscaping. The idea of using the trees and branches as frames was cool. Only thing I had to figure was how to balance the exposure. I think I used a Gradual Neutral Density filter. Cant remember how many stop it was. Must dig my archive again. I think I still have some presentable shots in the hard disk. With my minimal photochoping skills, I hope to take better pics and process better pictures next time.

Angkor Wat

“Strolling By”

2 Responses to “Angkor Wat”

  1. KhoKing says:

    Nice shot. I remember this shot, we were there together but I don’t think I got anything interesting… 😛

  2. beyond says:

    Oh yes. We even had a group picture taken too. Are you sure you have no interesting shots? Hahaha. Jangan simpan simpan.

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