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The Smiling Monk

August 13, 2010 | | Posted in Rants

Good Evening folks!~ Crossing Bridges 7 has just been announced on PhotoMalaysia. This year destination is Philippines.  Organized by 5 online photography forums, the annual event is exclusive to only 15  chosen photographers from the each country (Singapore-Clubsnap, Malaysia-Photomalaysia, Indonesia-Fotografer.net, Vietnam-Photo.vn and Philippines-Photomanila.com).  Crossing Bridges is an annual photography trip aimed at fostering relationships with photographers from around the various online Photo Forums in Asia. This year’s trip will be about 8 days covering Cebu, Bacolod and Iloilo. Don’t ask me where are those places. I m stoked up about this trip and applied because I have not been to Philippines before in my life. So lets hope the Photomalaysia admins consider my application.

In 2008, my application to join Crossing Bridges 5 in Cambodia was approved. My first shooting trip overseas. Overjoy and unprepared actually. I went there but didnt really shoot much. Maybe it was the culture shock. First time shooting with so many photographers. The more out going and adventurous photographers had a field day shooting in Cambodia. I came back with a few keepers. This young monk’s picture is one of them. Thanks to good direction from Dr Teh, we got the young monk to sit at the staircase. Up the attap or ceiling, the light rays were shining down. He looked up and voila. You have a good catch light in the eyes. He smiled and I pressed the shutter. Kee Chak!~

The Smiling Monk

The Smiling Monk

2 Responses to “The Smiling Monk”

  1. ted earl says:

    Kee Chak! That’s a very nice shot Jason! Definitely a keeper.

  2. beyond says:

    Hahaha. Thanks Ted. Yeah. I think I ll print this picture.

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