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Time Flies

August 28, 2010 | | Posted in Rants

It s officially One month and one Week old. Yes. Time flies. Baby Nathania has gained weight and length. She is about 3.9 kg and 52 cm now. Yes…The benefit of breast milk. The only thing with breastfeeding is, you are like a portable vending machine. The bonding between mommy and baby is at another level all together. I kid you not. Yee Woon told me the milk will leak out on its own whenever she thinks of the baby. I guess this is how mother nature works. I m trying hard to have a good bond with little Nathania. Can’t nurse her of course. But I let her lie on my chest or tummy and sooth her to sleep. She kinda likes that. I guess a big tummy comes in handy in such situation. It ‘s funny, but she cries every now and then. I think I would rate her as a semi high need baby. It ‘s especially difficult at night when she needs someone to carry and sooth her all the time. This can be tiring as whenever you try to lay her on the bed, she will cry. Yes..Fatigue. Both mental and physical. Sometimes I pity Yee Woon as she has to wake up a couple of time at night to feed the baby and sooth her back to sleep. But I guess it is all worthwhile when you know the baby will be healthy. Little Nathania loves people who gives her full attention. Mom and mom in law love talking to her. She takes it all. Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Hakka. Hahaha. Here is another picture of her sleeping peacefully.

Nathania Ng

Fast asleep

Nathania Ng

Tiny socks- Basketball

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