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Butt Naked :P

September 8, 2010 | | Posted in Rants

Nathania Ng

Selamat Hari Raya!~ Since it is public holiday, I think I ll spend sometime to rewrite this blog entry. When was the last time you remember you had a naked photo of you taken by your parents? I dont remember mine. Hahaha. But I remember cousin Wayne has one. All the cousins had a good laugh whenever we saw the picture.  Took this pic after her bath session in the morning. She looks forward to the massage session after bathing. Odd for a 1 month plus baby, she can raise her head well above ground level when placed on her tummy. Cute or not? Hehehe. She is now very responsive towards people. She giggles in a funny way and has her own baby language. Sometimes she goes ‘ooh-ooh, ah ah’ and some other that are just too cute to describe. She even knows how to cry out or call out for our attention. She absolutely loves people’s attention and talking session. Looking forward to more interactive session with her. Cheers!~

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