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One Camera One Lens One Film

September 25, 2010 | | Posted in Film BW

Hello! Good day to all. Was surfing www.rangefinderforum.com and I came across an interesting link posted by a fellow forum member, Petronious. He started a project some time ago. For the one whole year he would only shoot with a single camera and film. You can check out his work on his blog www.rollei35andpolypanf.blogspot.com . Of course I was very interested in his project. You see, most photographers would have more than 1 camera in their drybox (if they have one) be it film or digital. Next we have the lenses. All the way from the superwide to the supertele (for those who can afford it la). For my Nikon film system, I know I have from 28 mm all the way to 180 mm covered ( all primes *wicked*). And I know too that I don’t use them often. So I got in touch with Petronious. I asked about the project and how he dev his film. The dev part was interesting too. This is because he is using stand development method. Normal dev technique usually takes about 8-15 mins depending on the type of developer and film used. Stand dev uses small amount of developer and long dev time. Another fellow forum user Tang Yi Ming aka Neoro uses Rodinal 3 ml with 500 ml of water. But his aint a stand dev method coz the process is complete in 13 minutes. Film development is like a cooking class. Different people have different method and recipe. But it all for tryout. I don’t mind experimenting. Here is a recipe from Petronious. Do check it out.Credits to Petronious.

Some words about my stand developing method:

• I use APH09 developer, which has the same formula as Rodinal
• Dilution is 1+100; my tanks are from JOBO with plastic reels (One daylight Tank 2400 for one film, one system 1000 tank for max. five rolls)
• After filling in the developer I invert the tank 15 times and let it stand still for one hour (longer time doesn´t harm the film in my experience)
• I don´t use stop bath, only water after the developing (two water changes with five inversions each)
• Then fixing with Adofix (or similar fixer)
• Washing method: Water in the tank, five inversions; water change, ten inversions; water change 20 inversions; final change, the 40 inversions.
• I take the film from the spool and strip off the water with a paper towel (no pressure, only to get the drops off)
• Then I hang the film for drying

Note: This is by no means my own invention, I only combined some advices from the net; the drying by paper towel is not recommended by many people, but I found that the Polypan doesn´t scratch as quickly as often mentioned.

I think I ll start shooting with one camera and one type of film and prob one type of dev too very soon. Try it out. After a year, review your work and see if there is any improvement.

4 Responses to “One Camera One Lens One Film”

  1. ted earl says:

    That sounds very interesting. Though I cant imagine shooting with just one camera throughout the whole year, will take some discipline. May give it a go in the future :p

  2. beyond says:

    Try it out Ted. I am gonna give it a try too.

  3. wee siang says:

    I’m totally agree, we have a few lens but only use one. Recently i dun have any DSLR with me. Been using my trusted FM2 and the only AIS 50mm lens for the past 2 months. Not that tough when you dun have the choice, hehehe.

    Keep it.

  4. beyond says:

    Lucky you didnt sell your FM. LOL. I look forward to your results!~

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