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New Working Place

November 6, 2010 | | Posted in Rants

Woot!~ First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Belated Deepavali!~ Yeah!~ Its the holiday season again. Yes. I love public holidays!~ 😀 A little update about me. I have been officially transfered to a local community clinic. It s nearer to my home and wife’s working place. Working hours start at 8 instead of 730 am.  I do not need to wake up at 6 am and leave the house by 6.45 am to avoid the daily traffic snarl. Now I leave for work around 730 am and reaches the clinic after a 10 mins journey, thanks to DUKE expressway 😛 It s kinda weird to be back in the clinic scene after 4 years of enforcement work. I still remember the dark days in KK Jinjang. Two pharmacists and two dispensers…And freaking 600 patients daily. Yes, I was traumatized by the previous stint in the clinic. I was sorta rescued by my ex boss (super nice boss k?) Mr Yeap. He paved way for me to the world of Law. To be honest, I rejected the op to work in the enforcement when I reported in for duty in 2006. But eventually I took a liking to it. Will try to return to the enforcement work one day I hope. But anyhow, I am back in the clinic. Thank God, it s was not as bad as I thought. Kinda cozy. Nice patients and fellow staffs. Funny thing, many thought I would not be able to perform in the clinic after being out of touch for so long. But ..Once a pharmacist, a pharmacist I will always be. I kept in touch with the updates and products. So it was kinda easy for me 🙂

Batu Clinic is a pretty interesting place. No longer in the small shop lot, it had moved to a larger premise just further down the road. We have a decent parking complex. The entrance to the clinic looks kinda a bit dodge-y due to a snooker parlor and a karaoke “ahem ahem” outlet next to it. So many bad elements but yet the clinic is where we heal the patients. As long we dont get involve, we are pretty ok. Another plus to the area is..we have 4 different kind of banks in front of the clinic. This is a boon to me as I have better access to banks now.

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