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Happy Feet

December 6, 2010 | | Posted in Rants, Uncategorized

Happy Feet :)

Hello and good morning!~ Been missing for sometime. Was pretty busy at work *wink* Most of my PCs have some form of problem. Mac Mini- Dead Fan (Repaired) and ┬áCompaq Notebook- Dead MOBO ( Squeezing the last bit of warranty- Appointment with the technician this Wed). Mac Mini repair was pretty straight forward. Quotation, was hopeful that its not the logic board. The warranty just expired and the fan decided to die. Thank God the repair was not that expensive. Not so lucky with the notebook. God knows why the ‘Blue screen’ syndrome keeps popping up. I ran memtest to test out the RAM. They came back ok. Ran checkdisk to make sure the new hard disk was ok . Yeah..You read me right. A NEW hard disk. Funny thing was, the problem surfaced after I changed the HD. Tried reformating, problem persisted. Hopefully a new MOBO will solve it once and for all, else..I ll need to get a new notebook (which is something I dont want to do so after spending on a new iPad). Will talk more on the iPad in the next post.

Update Update, baby Nathania is around 4 months and 2 weeks old now. Active little baby she is. Loves to sing ( sebenarnya is screaming ler). Also loves to grab Daddy’s spec and Mommy’s hair. Started her on milk powder recently. Due to unseen circumstances, the natural milk production is kinda low ­čśŤ (wife s gonna kill me for saying this), so we had to supplement with milk powder. In comparison with her cousin Adriel, Little Nathania is kinda small in size. But nevertheless, she s our little bundle of Joy. We are happy as long she is healthy. Think she is teething lately. She loves to chew on Grandpa’s shoulder. According to some, its too early for teething. I m not too sure. But she had the teething ‘low sai’ symptom too. Hopefully we will get to see her first tooth soon. Little Nathania┬áinherited┬áthe infamous Ng/Wong family’s temper. She will show her displeasure by screaming/rubbing her ears/crying and etc. Not easy to manage. But I hope that she will grow up and learn to control the temper. We dont want her to be a spoilt little girl. I pray to God, please guide her and mold her. Picture above was taken sometime in November. She loves to rub her tiny┬áfeet. Just like me. Hehehehe. Think she looks like me when I was small. Will post some of the old pics for reference too. Cheerio!~

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