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Violence or No Violence

March 21, 2011 | | Posted in Rants

Yesterday was pretty eventful. I passed by my housing area security post and I saw some securities hustling a dirty looking young man. I turned back and stop at the security post and enquired what was going on. The guard manning the post told me that the scrap metal collector (Dirty looking young man/DLYM) was acting suspiciously at the back lane. Apparently he had this ‘blue blade’ (the type where you use to cut/saw through pvc/metal stuffs) and he hid it in the back pocket when approached by the guards patrolling the back lanes. The guards got suspicious of him and took him to the guard house. So some really macho looking guards (machas) took turns to interrogate him (punches/slaps/kicks). I told the guards to call the police. The DLYM panicked and sank to his knees and asked for forgiveness. He insisted he was there merely to collect scraps and not steal. I took a look at his ‘collection’ of the day and cant find anything suspicious. Checked his documents and he has legal/valid documents. I pity this guy as he could be at the wrong place at the wrong time. We took a picture to be safe and let him off. Personally if you asked me, I dont think its right for the security guards to hit him. Like it or not, there is no proof. No one saw him cutting through any grills/locks etc.

I Did Not Steal

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