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Update March: Nathania

April 2, 2011 | | Posted in Rants

Time for a little update on my precious little girl. She is 8 months old now. She have made some really good progress compared to last month. Last month she was learning how to sit. Not really stable. We got some pointers from Max and Katherine, their six months old Juberly can sit very well. Nathania was really onto practicing her back muscle. She would go on all fours and stretch forward and backward trying to strengthen her back muscle. She crawls around like a ‘soldier’ pretty well.


Practicing her Crawling technique

She finally managed to prop herself up sitting when she turned 8 months old. Within days, she also managed to stabilize herself by using both her hands. Right now, she is very quick, every now and then she will stop, sit up and turn around and off she goes on the wall. Crawling distance has been increased as well. She can cover the distance from the Living area all the way to the Kitchen. Its pretty interesting to see how she practice to sit upright..Wobbly and I ll go “be careful!~” Hahahaha. Yes, once in a while she has her fair share of knocks by falling over. Thank God for wooden strip flooring. Hehehe. It minimize the damage.

Second day CNY.

One of the few early shots

Daddy loves Baby

Papa and Nathania

Baby and Mama

Mama and Nathania

Lately she is practicing her ‘speeches’ as well. Yeah..Baby languages. I have no idea whats she saying at all.  Everything sounds foreign to us.  Sometimes, she will go Pa..pa..pa..pa..pa..Pa!!~ or When she is crying she will Pa pa ma ma pa pa ma ma!~Hehehe. For the record, she started calling ‘papa’ when she was about 6 months old. Kekekeke. Wifey is jealous coz baby called papa first. But the odd thing is..She sometimes calls my wife Papa instead *Irony*. Kekekeke Nevertheless, I look forward to her future development.

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