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Once  upon a time, I bought an entry level film scanner from Low Yat Plaza. The Canon 4400F was priced around RM450. The price was just nice for me. Just started working then. I needed a film scanner as I shoot film most of the time as a hobbyist. The scanner served me well over the years. Of course, over the years I realized that the scan quality from the scanner was just so so. I knew back then eventually I have to upgrade my scanner. The thoughts of getting a Nikon Coolscan or other dedicated film scanners passed through my mind a couple of time over the years. Almost bought the Nikon Coolscan from Fuzz. But thats another story. So finally, I sold off my Canon 4400F sometime ago in anticipation of a new scanner. Sold it off at RM 300 or RM 350 if I am not mistaken. I placed an order with a local supplier. I finally got the Epson V700 @RM 1850. A very decent buy if you asked me. I went on a scanning spree immediately after I unboxed the scanner *laughs* From RM 450 to RM 1850, I noticed the difference in scan quality immediately. Pictures are sharper and the details *wow* are way way better. No regrets in getting the scanner. In fact..I regretted not purchasing the V700 earlier. I threw away a lot of film last time..Thinking that my pics were not of quality shots. Some of the scans are too soft and blur. Ended, I thought it was my error and threw them away. So guys…Dont hesitate. Get one!

Acros 100018

Dad and Nathania. The infamous ‘stare’ from my Dad 😛


Nathania crying for ‘Help’

Nathania Leica IIIF008

Steady Girl

Nathania Leica IIIF012

She loves see saw, horse and swings

Nathania Leica IIIF009

Grandpa gives a helping hand

Nathania Leica IIIF010

Sister, Dad and Nathania

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