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Canon 5D Classic

May 26, 2012 | Tags: , | Posted in Film BW

Thanks to David Nikon/David Leica/David Canon/David Hasselblad (OkOk.He virtually used every damn system) or the real name David Tan, I managed to land aka purchase a reasonably good condition used Canon 5D Mk1 (Classic) as a backup body. The unit originate from Singapore. Went through complete shutter overhaul and the ‘laoyah’ mirror was replaced as well. And at the price of under RM3k..This is the best bang for buck back up body in the market. Full Frame ma..I had actually almost bought another unit from another guy. His unit came with a Batt Grip. But upon closer inspection, the unit was in a very used condition and best of all..the battery grip was actually faulty. It couldn’t read the power correctly. It was priced somewhere near to David’s unit hence I decided to not go ahead with the faulty unit. Lets just say..I got a really sweet deal for the unit.

Well..A couple of years back before the 5DMkII was released..The 5DMk Classic was actually priced around RM9k. It was highly rated. Full Frame..Good noise control at ISO 1600. Highly rated for natural skin tone. Highly rated for studio work as well. There was no real competitor to it until Nikon D700 was released. Most of the wedding photogs in the industry was using the Canon 5D classic too. So..Getting one as a backup to my Canon 5DMkII is not a bad idea at all. Hahaha. My only qualm is the lousy LCD panel. Its just like Leica M8. Excellent image quality but friggin lousy LCD panel 😛 Anyway..I managed to give it a quick test today. Took some shots of Nathania while she as home and also Desa Parkcity. Here are some of the shots. As usual..Black and White.

Nathania 25 May 2012 – Cheeky Litte Girl –

Nathania 25 May 2012 – iPhone Pa! –

Nathania 25 May 2012 – New Shoes –

Nathania 25 May 2012 – I like to suck on my Thumb and Finger –

Nathania 25 May 2012 – Future Model –

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  1. I can see the logic in a 5D as your backup cam since the 5DII is your main cam.

    I thought about that option as well, but then decided to get an Olympus M43 as a backup.

    The small size was the main attraction, allows for easy use when a larger body just won’t do.

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