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Durian Season and Flu Bug

December 8, 2012 | | Posted in Rants

This year alone, I think I kena Tonsilitis for the 3rd time d. Usually started off with a bit of discomfort before getting full blown a couple days later on. The odd shit is.. I usually kena the thing during durian season. Who can say no to the lovely lovely king of fruits? Yeah its heat-y in nature and one should drink more fluid after feasting on them. But this time, I stayed away from durians. I think overworked la. Been shooting none stop every frigging week. December 2012. Best month to get hitched/married. Last weekend didn’t sleep well. Assignments started as early as 4 am and break time was around 2 or 3 pm. Could only catch about 2 hours sleep in between before resuming shooting activities by 6 pm which lasted till way past midnite. Imagine the same routine again the next day. I think my body system is pretty fucked up. So I have been getting sick *especially tonsillitis* every now and then. Been having thoughts of removing the tonsils. Dear Brother Sarip did it. Wonder how it went.. Read online that tonsillectomy recovery ain’t fun Hahahaha. If I keep getting it, I have to consider it in future. Every time I get it, I ll get some form of blood stain. The upper respiratory tract inflammation contributes to it. Probably I bust some blood capillaries whenever I cough or sneeze hard. And the best shit is..Cough also kicks in. Its not the normal type of chesty cough *I rarely get this nowadays* I ll get the damn irritating dry cough. Its like someone puts his/her tiny fingers into your throat and tickles the area. Been on Augmentin for the past couple of days. Had to start Antibiotics coz I was having high fever on Monday when infection took place. Hahaha. I got more shoots coming up. Need to get well soon. Plus..I can t get close to my babies. Its the season I believe, coz I have customers that are having the same stuffs. Cough and cold and etc etc etc.

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