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Was asked by a friend to help cover her birthday gathering sometime ago. Had to pushed my Singapore trip to accept this assignment. It was a simple job. Shoot and Burn. I like it. I got to know Phyllis about 3 years ago when I was working for Alpha Pharmacy. She was a customer. From being my customer, she became my customer when I shot the opening of her boutique “Miel” @ Desa Parkcity. From there we became friends. So when Phyllis turned 30, she asked me to help shoot her party. It was a private party held at NEWAY One Utama. For those who dont know Phyllis, she is a celebrity. She used to act in Singapore’s Mediacorp series. Currently, I think she is a host in some tv game show. Cant recall. I reached the location around 1030 pm and got the job done by 1.30 am. Had to rush home and rest I had another shoot the next day. Overall, the party was fun. Happy Birthday Phyllis!

Phyllis Birthday Bash Good friends

Phyllis Birthday Bash Happy Birthday!~

Phyllis Birthday Bash 988 Cheryl and Phyllis

Phyllis Birthday Bash Drink!~

Phyllis Birthday Bash Alvin Wong in the House!~

Phyllis Birthday Bash Another local celebrity

Phyllis Birthday Bash Its never boring when Alvin is around. This guy never fails to crack me up!

Phyllis Birthday Bash If you know what I mean..Hehehe 😛

Phyllis Birthday Bash The cake tastes good!

Phyllis Birthday Bash Howie having a go at ’15 20′

Phyllis Birthday Bash Good friends having a good time

Phyllis Birthday Bash This guy can sing too!~

Phyllis Birthday Bash Cant remember is its Frank Sinatra or some Hakka song

Phyllis Birthday Bash Best friends

Phyllis Birthday Bash Sweet ladies

Phyllis Birthday Bash It was his Birthday too!~ Happy Birthday!

Dennis Lau The Violinist

July 4, 2010 | | Posted in Event

Woot! Was goin through my Flickr and I found some Dennis Lau pics. If I  remembered correctly, I shot these in Bangkok Jazz club. Actually, I didnt know who he was back then. But believe me..He is really good with the violin. Here are some pics to share. All shot with Nikon D300 coupled with a Nikon 17-55 F2.8 and SB 800. Photos are processed using AlienSkin for those who are curious about the BW conversion. Cheers and Happy Sunday!~

Dennis Lau & Jimmy Sax- Duet In Presence feat. Special Guest Yuri Wong

A very talented singer. But I didn’t get his name.

Dennis Lau & Jimmy Sax- Duet In Presence feat. Special Guest Yuri Wong

Bassist doing a ‘Face-Off’

Dennis Lau & Jimmy Sax- Duet In Presence feat. Special Guest Yuri Wong

Another attempt at slow shutter

Dennis Lau & Jimmy Sax- Duet In Presence feat. Special Guest Yuri Wong

Yuri was a guest performer that night

Dennis Lau & Jimmy Sax- Duet In Presence feat. Special Guest Yuri Wong

Trying to create a mood. But I guess a bit underexposed

Dennis Lau & Jimmy Sax- Duet In Presence feat. Special Guest Yuri Wong

Slow Shutter with the Bassist

Canon Brings us SImon Yam

May 26, 2010 | | Posted in Event

Woot!~ 24th of May 2010 was an exciting day for Canon EOS users. In celebration of Canon endorsed artist Simon Yam being awarded the Best Actor Award (at the Hong Kong Film Festival), Canon organized a celebration party at Golden Screen Cinemas, Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur. Those who owns a Canon EOS were entitled to two invitation tickets to the event. It was however limited to the first 300 eligible registrants. I met  a few familiar faces over there that day. I saw MarkLeo and Munz. I also saw Hon Woei Tatt from CPF Negeri Sembilan. This is the first time I am up close and personal with Mr Simon. LOL. Didn’t dare to ask for a pic coz was shooting that time. Should have done it. Dang!~ Missed the chance. But overall, I think Simon is a real gentlemen. Soft spoken and a passionate about his work. And yes, from the short interview session, I know he is very passionate about the 5DMkII. Also recalled that he spoke of how he didn’t afford the luxury of a camera while growing up. Yeah Simon. Most of us share the same experiences. I think he also mentioned he did a short movie using the 5DMkII. I should google it up. Here are some pics to share and as usual BW mode.

Meet Simon Yam

Interview was done here

Meet Simon Yam

I also must camwhore abit. Thanks MarkLeo for the pic.

PS: Am gonna re-edit the pictures.

Must Blog…Must Blog!~

March 20, 2010 | | Posted in Event

Hello Hello!~ I know I have not updated my blog regularly. My bad..My bad. I tried. I do have a couple of draft saved up. But I m having a ‘writer’s block’ LOL. I love to write..Yes I do. I cant write material like what you see in the magazine, no. But I always try to write from heart. Anyway, had a lovely yumcha session with Brother Edwin two nights ago. He was telling me, ‘Update your blog la..”. I said I m having a writer’s blog. He said..You can still post pics. LOL. So I got back and went through my archive to see what I have worthy of posting on the web. Oh yes I did. A gem or two. Nothing fantastic. But it s something from the 1 Utama Countdown Concert last year. Hahaha. This time there is a pic or two in colour. Kekekek. So here you go Edwin bro. Some pics lar. KEkekek

1 Utama 2010 Countdown Concert

988 Radio Deejay

1 Utama 2010 Countdown Concert

I forgot his name 😛

1 Utama 2010 Countdown Concert

I forgot his name too 😛

I love Flare

I love flare!~

Joe Flizzow

Joe Flizzow

Joe Flizzow

Joe Flizzow

Happy New Year 2010

January 1, 2010 | | Posted in Event

Woot! Before the day end, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Gosh, 2009 passed by swiftly. I was assigned to shoot at One Utama 2010 Countdown concert yesterday. I got there after work to avoid the traffic madness. Still..the traffic was still quite daunting. I hung out at StudioV with Patrick, Maggie, Erin and Leomini while waiting for the concert to start. 988 did a quick interview with Paul and Yip Sai Wing and I missed it!~ Dang..Else I would have gotten some exclusive shots. Anyhow, it was really an eye opening experience to witness a LIVE 988 broadcasting from StudioV. Now I know how the whole DJ-ing is about. It s pretty interesting. Okok. By 8 pm, the event started. They had about 6-7 artistes performing but what the crowd was waiting for was…BEYOND.. Wait wait..Not me k..It s both Paul and Yip Sai Wing. Crowd went crazy when they came on and they did rocked the nite. We were also treated to some really awesome fireworks last nite. Here are some pics from the nite. Cheers!

Paul Wong
Paul Wong warming up

Paul Wong
Paul Wong shredding the fret

Paul Wong

Paul rocking the nite

Yip Sai Wing

Yip Sai Wing used to be a drummer. Now he sings..;)