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Serinus Mozambicus

May 28, 2012 | Tags: | Posted in Film BW

There is a bird shop where I get my birds from regularly near my workplace. Kooi Lim Pet Shop is situated somewhere along Batu 4 1/2 Jalan Ipoh. Its easy to spot the place. Just lookout for CIMB/Arab Bank/ Maybank on your left if you are coming from Jalan Kuching roundabout heading into Jalan Ipoh direction. Once you see the banks, look right. Ah Lim, inherited the business from his Dad. Apparently they have quite a lot of ‘jalan’ Hehehe. Although I live in a condo, my interest in birds were ‘awaken’ again when I worked at Jalan Ipoh. This is because during breaks, I ll be there ‘lepaking’ and checking the birds out. Common birds eg Merbuk/Budgies/Freedom birds are the norm there. Nowadays there are a lot of Merbah Jambuls (MJ). This is because the need to have a license to keep MJ has been abolished. But of course, the Perhilitan also came up with various new regulations to recoup the ‘losses’. I think I have bought quite a number of types of birds from Lim. I have tried the Merbuk, Sharma, MJ, White Eye and etc. But one of the best singers I kept was the Serinus Mozambicus aka Stone Finch. Its also popularly known as the Yellow Fronted Canary. But I believe there are two diff species or sub species as pointed by Lim. The online community probbalry mixed up the two due to the close similarities. I have seen both species and one is slighly larger than the other and the singing tune by the bigger one is different compared to the smaller one. The local birders calls the bigger species Tai Kam Chiang aka Big Gold Green. The bird originates from Africa. But the ones I bought were captive-bred in Singapore. It s a great singer due to a mixture of high pitches melodies. But one thing, the bird is a messy eater (seed eater ma). The empty shells dirties the whole place. Here are two pics I took of the birds. Forgive me if the perch is obstructing the pic. I ll avoid this angle in future. LOL.

Serinus Mozambicus

Serinus Mozambicus

Pics were shot with a Canon 5DMkII + 50 mm F1.4 wide open

Canon 5D Classic

May 26, 2012 | Tags: , | Posted in Film BW

Thanks to David Nikon/David Leica/David Canon/David Hasselblad (OkOk.He virtually used every damn system) or the real name David Tan, I managed to land aka purchase a reasonably good condition used Canon 5D Mk1 (Classic) as a backup body. The unit originate from Singapore. Went through complete shutter overhaul and the ‘laoyah’ mirror was replaced as well. And at the price of under RM3k..This is the best bang for buck back up body in the market. Full Frame ma..I had actually almost bought another unit from another guy. His unit came with a Batt Grip. But upon closer inspection, the unit was in a very used condition and best of all..the battery grip was actually faulty. It couldn’t read the power correctly. It was priced somewhere near to David’s unit hence I decided to not go ahead with the faulty unit. Lets just say..I got a really sweet deal for the unit.

Well..A couple of years back before the 5DMkII was released..The 5DMk Classic was actually priced around RM9k. It was highly rated. Full Frame..Good noise control at ISO 1600. Highly rated for natural skin tone. Highly rated for studio work as well. There was no real competitor to it until Nikon D700 was released. Most of the wedding photogs in the industry was using the Canon 5D classic too. So..Getting one as a backup to my Canon 5DMkII is not a bad idea at all. Hahaha. My only qualm is the lousy LCD panel. Its just like Leica M8. Excellent image quality but friggin lousy LCD panel 😛 Anyway..I managed to give it a quick test today. Took some shots of Nathania while she as home and also Desa Parkcity. Here are some of the shots. As usual..Black and White.

Nathania 25 May 2012 – Cheeky Litte Girl –

Nathania 25 May 2012 – iPhone Pa! –

Nathania 25 May 2012 – New Shoes –

Nathania 25 May 2012 – I like to suck on my Thumb and Finger –

Nathania 25 May 2012 – Future Model –

Happy Birthday Brother

March 15, 2012 | Tags: , | Posted in Film BW, Rants

Wow..37 years have passed by. My brother is officially 37 years old today. Mom has been taking care of him since he was born till now. I think mom deserve tremendous credits and praises. God Bless you Ma! My brother ‘Yang’, is born with cerebral palsy. A condition that left him physically challenged. Born with an ability to play any song by ear, his magical ‘one’ finger keyboard/piano capability was his forte. Although he is 37 years old physically, sometimes, I think having spent years at home and not much socializing with others has left him with somewhat a teenager mentality? Hahahah. He is very very attached to mom. He will throw all sorts of tantrums when he is in a ‘foul’ mood. Also loves to repeat questions to visitors. Honestly, he loves it when there are visitors. He will get real excited. There is a long list of funny character or behavior. Nevertheless, he is my brother. I have not treated him well over the years. I guess I outgrew him  when I was a teenager. I remember we used to be closed when I was around 4-8 years old. Cant recall much. I also remember I used to beat and scold him when I was younger. I stopped doing that, realizing that by doing so I can t change him. He is who he is. He was born that way. He is that way partly due to our fault. So much regrets. I used to see him as a burden honestly. I still do somehow. But I ask for God’s grace to keep mom and dad healthy. God please keep Dad’s fiery temper doused. My brother has been lucky as he is healthy throughout the years. Though, I remember one year he had some boils on his elbow. God..He almost created a havoc at the HKL emergency department. Dr wanted to admit him, but we told the Dr, unless you want to risk the wrath of the other patients, we advise against to do so. Anyway..He healed up with some antibiotics and physical extraction of the pus from the infected elbow. The elbow was swollen badly. So..This year, I ll be getting him Kentucky Fried Chicken, one of his fav. Or..Both him and my sis love KFC la. Cant get him something fancy..No point. Hehehehe. God Bless ya brother. Here are some pics I have taken over the years.

My brother

Hasselblad 500 CM and CZ 80 mm F2.8 CF

Old Stuffs007

Nikon FM2n and 50 mm F1.8 E Series


Leica IIIF and 50 mm Summitar F2

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!

December 26, 2011 | | Posted in Film BW

Merry Christmas to all!~ Been busy busy busy. Was shooting on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I am working as well today. Yeah. What a bummer. Its Boxing Day…yet I am at work. Well..I got mouths to feed and buying spree to be fulfilled. I hope everyone had a good holidays. Its Nathania 2nd Christmas. This year its more meaningful as she went to the church for the party. Best start them young. Hahaha.

Recently, took a trip to Australia with my wife. Yeah. We left the baby home. I swear I wont do that ever again. Period. We missed the little one so much when we were abroad. Thank God for the iPad, iPhone and Optus Australia. I was never cut off from home and internet. For AUS30 I think we got ourselves a pretty good deal. AUS300 call credits/Unlimited FB and Twitter/500 mb Data lasted through 3 weeks trip. Best! I think I called home 2-3 times a day. Hahaha. One thing about Down Under. There is no such thing as free Wifi (unlike Malaysia where its free at most popular spots) except in the Airports or maybe some places that I didn’t know. Would be great to able to FaceTime with love ones back home. So the Data plan was keeping me very happy as I traveled. If one follows my FB updates you will know.

I tried to do some Street Photography when I was in Melbourne. I love the place. Its pretty ‘multiracial’. You got all sort of mixture of people there. The city is mix of modern and old architecture. Perfect. We walked to the bus stop to catch the bus to the train station. From Murumbeena train station we took the train to the city. I dont know why. But Melbourne has lotsa lotsa lotsa graffiti. I guess it makes the city colorful. It was towards the end of November and Christmas decorations were up during the last week of our stay in Melbourne. Didnt manage to take much pictures. I admit..I sucks at travel photography. Did a couple of street shots. Havent process the other pics yet. Here are some samples.

Uncle David Jones

Have a Break


Early Bird Hair Cuts

Should I get a Haircut?

Once  upon a time, I bought an entry level film scanner from Low Yat Plaza. The Canon 4400F was priced around RM450. The price was just nice for me. Just started working then. I needed a film scanner as I shoot film most of the time as a hobbyist. The scanner served me well over the years. Of course, over the years I realized that the scan quality from the scanner was just so so. I knew back then eventually I have to upgrade my scanner. The thoughts of getting a Nikon Coolscan or other dedicated film scanners passed through my mind a couple of time over the years. Almost bought the Nikon Coolscan from Fuzz. But thats another story. So finally, I sold off my Canon 4400F sometime ago in anticipation of a new scanner. Sold it off at RM 300 or RM 350 if I am not mistaken. I placed an order with a local supplier. I finally got the Epson V700 @RM 1850. A very decent buy if you asked me. I went on a scanning spree immediately after I unboxed the scanner *laughs* From RM 450 to RM 1850, I noticed the difference in scan quality immediately. Pictures are sharper and the details *wow* are way way better. No regrets in getting the scanner. In fact..I regretted not purchasing the V700 earlier. I threw away a lot of film last time..Thinking that my pics were not of quality shots. Some of the scans are too soft and blur. Ended, I thought it was my error and threw them away. So guys…Dont hesitate. Get one!

Acros 100018

Dad and Nathania. The infamous ‘stare’ from my Dad 😛


Nathania crying for ‘Help’

Nathania Leica IIIF008

Steady Girl

Nathania Leica IIIF012

She loves see saw, horse and swings

Nathania Leica IIIF009

Grandpa gives a helping hand

Nathania Leica IIIF010

Sister, Dad and Nathania