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_X8J9940Woot! My name is Jason. I am a full time pharmacist. Photography started out as a hobby  to document memorable moments in the family. It eventually evolved into a part time job. I have been shooting for about 3 years now. Started out with my first ever camera Nikon D80, I have now progressed to Canon 5DMkII as my main gear. I have tried various genre of photography from portraiture, events, landscape and weddings. I also love to shoot using the traditional film medium. I cant resist the magical moment of producing a print using traditional darkroom method. This blog is the place where I ll share my work and rants. Hope you guys will enjoy the stay here.

Zouk: DJ Armin Van Buuren

December 14, 2009 | Tags: , , | Posted in Event

Yesterday was a crazy nite. It was Sunday but yet..An exciting and superb event took place. The man voted 3 times as number one DJ in DJ’s Mag annual Top 100 vote, DJ Armin Van Buuren made a quick stopover at Zouk KL after Singapore to spin his stuffs. This is the first time I met Armin face to face. Am not really star struck ed, but this guy is famous. I have listened to his stuffs before. I can say it s good. But a recorded album is nothing compared to a LIVE performance. I got to Zouk around 930 pm to cover the press con. A small gathering attended by tv crew and a reporter from Star Publication. Armin was pretty frenly and he said ” Guys, come on closer and ask questions”. Cool! I thought. He is frenly and I was not shy. I went up close to take pictures. Okok. Although I do listen to his stuffs, I didnt know Armin was actually a law graduate. So guys, go out and live your dreams!

The nite was still young and the crowd streamed in steadily. I thought many will opt not to come as Monday was a working day. Boy..Was I wrong. By 11 pm, Zouk mainroom was already packed to the brim. I regretted not getting in earlier. I was not able to get to the front deck to get a clean shot of Armin doing his thing. Shooting from sideway was no good either. The crowd was huge and attempts to get to the front was futile. I end up with few shots only.  Odd it may seems, yesterday the crowd was predominately Middle East folks. Ah..They really know how to party.  Anyhow, again I m in BW mood and converted a few pics. Not really good pics..But something to share. Trance music is good.

Armin Van Buuren

Armin during the press conference

Armin Van Buuren

Armin getting ready to take over the turntable

Armin Van Buuren

Armin’s signature move 🙂

Zouk Sh*t Disco (DJSet/UK) Supported by Lapsap

November 22, 2009 | Tags: , , | Posted in Event

Morning! Phew..Last nite was seriously a marathon. Was running around since 7 am till 3 am the next day. Ah..First of all, I would like to extend my congratulations to Stephanie Koh. She got married yesterday to her sweetheart. Was at the dinner held at Equitorial Hotel. Food was good and the ambiance was good. Met up with alot of my classmates from UCSI. Ahhaha. It s nearly 4 years I left college. Most of my classmates are married. Imagine most of the ladies on my table were either pregnant or has a kid already. I guess my wife and me should play Catch up! I was telling them that next year during my wedding dinner, I ll have one table specially for babies. Hehehe. What fun it will be.

After dinner, I headed to Zouk to cover and event. It was Sh*t Disco (DJ Set/UK) Supported by Lapsap. I wanted to shoot Lapsap coz I really like their music. Its good and catchy. But I was there late due to the bad jam along Jalan Raja Chulan. Anyhow, the DJs from UK was really good. For a moment, I thought I was in UK club scene (hahaha..Nupp..Never been to UK *Paiseh*) I was also surfing around the other rooms, Aristo, Velvet and Phuture. It was quite packed last nite. Saw some familiar faces. Hahaha. Dang..I think I m addicted to clubbing somehow. No ..I dun club, but when you are inside, you kinda groove to the tune.. Here are some pics to kickstart the day. Enjoy.


Let s get the party goin shall we?


Turbo Mode


Sh*t Disco (DJSet/UK) Driving the crowd


U must be thinking I m obsessed with BW pics now? 😛


November 7, 2009 | | Posted in Event

I have always wanted to shoot a concert. But never seems to have the chance to do so. I finally got to do so a few weeks ago. Sunway surf beach played host to Akon. I got there quite late as I had something to attend to earlier. Thank God I was late. The concert only started around 8.30 pm. The crowd was quick to warm up to Akon. One thing I can conclude is, Akon is truly an artist. The highlight of the nite was …He dove into the crowd a couple of time. He even body surfed from the stage to the end of the stage. One word..Siao. Hahaha. But I enjoyed it. Hehehe. Anyhow, this is the first post in the new web. Am still trying to iron out the details. Hope you guys like the new layout. I have to extend thanks to Andychin for the customization and Benjamin Lim for the base theme codes. Cheers.

Note: For those who may asked why cant see Akon’s face..It is intended 🙂

Akon BW

Akon driving the crowd into frenzy mode

Akon BW

Can t show his face coz ‘you know why’

Akon BW

Akon bodysurfs the crowd

Akon BW

My People!

Akon BW


Akon BW

The King and His People

Akon BW

Pretty Fans

Akon BW

Young Fan

Akon BW

Hyper Fan

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