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_X8J9940Woot! My name is Jason. I am a full time pharmacist. Photography started out as a hobby  to document memorable moments in the family. It eventually evolved into a part time job. I have been shooting for about 3 years now. Started out with my first ever camera Nikon D80, I have now progressed to Canon 5DMkII as my main gear. I have tried various genre of photography from portraiture, events, landscape and weddings. I also love to shoot using the traditional film medium. I cant resist the magical moment of producing a print using traditional darkroom method. This blog is the place where I ll share my work and rants. Hope you guys will enjoy the stay here.

Precious Moments

July 30, 2011 | Tags: , , | Posted in Rants

Been spending a lot of time with the little one lately. On a long leave (almost 20 days),waiting for my university placement from University Malaya. As of today, status quo. Have to head back to work on Monday. Else I ll be wasting my leave away while waiting for an answer from UM. So what do I do these days? My body internal alarm still goes off every morning. I wake up around 630 am everyday without fail although yes..Sometimes I go back to sleep. But since I am at home and wifey leave for work early in the morning, my parents decided to pick the baby up later than the usual routine. Normally, they pick her up around 630 am in the morning. Since I am at home, they come over around 930-1030 am. I am left with the task of caring for the baby till they arrive. Its not easy as baby is more attached to my wife and parents. But as they always say..Time can build relationships. I have to admit. These precious time spent with my daughter has actually bonded us better. Actually..Its because she has no one to turn to..That s why she has to turn to me la! *evil laugh* Waking up to her “Pa!” calls are such a joy. I cant describe the feeling. It s a truly warm feeling in the heart. Little girls tend to be super cute. Its not an easy task caring for the baby. But I think I learnt a couple of new stuffs (yes…I know I should have known these stuffs earlier) these few days. I learnt to prepare the milk properly. I actually can gauge her better on when she wants her milk. I now know that when she sucks on her thumb, it means I am hungry. I now know she needs to fiddle with something using both her hands while drinking milk else she will loose her concentration. I also found out the easiest way to make her sleep. Not by singing to her. Not by rocking her. Its just simply standing under the fan and tap her buttocks gently. Or..I have to lie down on the chair or bed and place her over my round tummy *Grin* Yes..The extra fats serve as a cushioned bed. I love to photograph her when she is sleeping. Feels that she is very angelic when she is sleeping. Hehehe. iPhone works best. No need to use the huge a** DSLR for these moments. Also sometimes, I ll bring her down to the playground for a quick round of horse riding or swing before proceeding to the local newspaper stall for my daily dose of news. Best of all, two days ago..I managed to bath her and changed her clothing..Give her milk and cradled her to sleep. Job well done if you ask me. Cheers. Here are some photos taken during my ‘holiday’.

Little Princess waking up in the morningWaking up in the morning

On holiday. So have to jaga the baby. Just made her some milk. Drink up! Cheers! Milk milk time

Fast Asleep. Mission Accomplished. zzzzzzzzz

6 oz of milk- Checked! Bath/pampers- Checked!  Time to zzzz Wakes up again

Zzzzz Sleeps again

Bad Habit. How to ween her off the thumb and finger? Bad Habit?

Beautiful fingers? Details

Long toes. Hopefully she will grow tall. More details

Happy Birthday Phyllis

July 30, 2011 | Tags: , , , , | Posted in Event

Was asked by a friend to help cover her birthday gathering sometime ago. Had to pushed my Singapore trip to accept this assignment. It was a simple job. Shoot and Burn. I like it. I got to know Phyllis about 3 years ago when I was working for Alpha Pharmacy. She was a customer. From being my customer, she became my customer when I shot the opening of her boutique “Miel” @ Desa Parkcity. From there we became friends. So when Phyllis turned 30, she asked me to help shoot her party. It was a private party held at NEWAY One Utama. For those who dont know Phyllis, she is a celebrity. She used to act in Singapore’s Mediacorp series. Currently, I think she is a host in some tv game show. Cant recall. I reached the location around 1030 pm and got the job done by 1.30 am. Had to rush home and rest I had another shoot the next day. Overall, the party was fun. Happy Birthday Phyllis!

Phyllis Birthday Bash Good friends

Phyllis Birthday Bash Happy Birthday!~

Phyllis Birthday Bash 988 Cheryl and Phyllis

Phyllis Birthday Bash Drink!~

Phyllis Birthday Bash Alvin Wong in the House!~

Phyllis Birthday Bash Another local celebrity

Phyllis Birthday Bash Its never boring when Alvin is around. This guy never fails to crack me up!

Phyllis Birthday Bash If you know what I mean..Hehehe ūüėõ

Phyllis Birthday Bash The cake tastes good!

Phyllis Birthday Bash Howie having a go at ’15 20′

Phyllis Birthday Bash Good friends having a good time

Phyllis Birthday Bash This guy can sing too!~

Phyllis Birthday Bash Cant remember is its Frank Sinatra or some Hakka song

Phyllis Birthday Bash Best friends

Phyllis Birthday Bash Sweet ladies

Phyllis Birthday Bash It was his Birthday too!~ Happy Birthday!

Nathania: Turning One

July 19, 2011 | Tags: , | Posted in Rants

Woot! Happy Birthday to my little Nathania Ng En Qi. You are officially ONE year old now. Papa and Mama love you very much girl. Time really flies, the memories from one year ago are still fresh in our minds. Mama went through some serious labour pain to deliver you girl..Papa also lost some sleeping hours that day hehehe. But it s all good when you arrived. You have brought joy to the whole family. Mend broken relationships. Bring smiles to our faces every morning *except when you poo poo though*. I hope that you will grow up healthy and wise. We have noted that you have quite a bad temper. Easily agitated. Wanting everything your own way despite you were only 3 weeks old then, we have noted your determination is getting things your way. Both Pa and Ma hope it will go away eventually. We will try our best to bring you up with the best values. But somehow, you reminds us very much of Papa’s temper and Mama’s¬†stubbornness. But hey, you are our little combination of X and X genes. I pray that God will shower you with lotsa love and blessings as well. May He sends out Angels from Heaven to look over you *silent prayers to Him*. Oh yeah, we hope you will grow some more hair too la. Haiyah..you look like a boy at the moment. Pa and Ma also hope you will drink more milk. Dont be so choosy. You know girl..Milk powder is sibeh expensive. Pa have to work very hard to buy those milk powder k? Every¬†ounce you waste away is almost equivalent to every 30 mins of extra OT Pa have to put in. Monies aside, you are quite skinny and just hovering above the graph for ‘underweight’.¬†¬†Look at cousin Adriel..He is so chubby-luscious¬†lo. Pa and Ma dont mind sharing our food with you but kindly make it a point to drink more milk k? Lotsa Loves and Hugs. Looking forward to a simple dinner with Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Yang, Aunt Huey , Pa and Ma later tonite.

Nathania Ng

Nathania Ng

Epson V700

June 25, 2011 | Tags: , , , , , | Posted in Film BW

Once ¬†upon a time, I bought an entry level film scanner from Low Yat Plaza. The Canon 4400F was priced around RM450. The price was just nice for me. Just started working then. I needed a film scanner as I shoot film most of the time as a hobbyist. The scanner served me well over the years. Of course, over the years I realized that the scan quality from the scanner was just so so. I knew back then eventually I have to upgrade my scanner. The thoughts of getting a Nikon Coolscan or other dedicated film scanners passed through my mind a couple of time over the years. Almost bought the Nikon Coolscan from Fuzz. But thats another story. So finally, I sold off my Canon 4400F sometime ago in anticipation of a new scanner. Sold it off at RM 300 or RM 350 if I am not mistaken. I placed an order with a local supplier. I finally got the Epson V700 @RM 1850. A very decent buy if you asked me. I went on a scanning spree immediately after I unboxed the scanner *laughs* From RM 450 to RM 1850, I noticed the difference in scan quality immediately. Pictures are sharper and the details *wow* are way way better. No regrets in getting the scanner. In fact..I regretted not purchasing the V700 earlier. I threw away a lot of film last time..Thinking that my pics were not of quality shots. Some of the scans are too soft and blur. Ended, I thought it was my error and threw them away. So guys…Dont hesitate. Get one!

Acros 100018

Dad and Nathania. The infamous ‘stare’ from my Dad ūüėõ


Nathania crying for ‘Help’

Nathania Leica IIIF008

Steady Girl

Nathania Leica IIIF012

She loves see saw, horse and swings

Nathania Leica IIIF009

Grandpa gives a helping hand

Nathania Leica IIIF010

Sister, Dad and Nathania


April 16, 2011 | | Posted in Film BW

Went for a shoot sometime on a Sunday after work. The guys wanted to shoot at the Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum (RMAF). I was kinda interested as I have not been there before. Heard of it alot plenty. Passed by there whenever I use the Seremban Highway. But visiting the place? Never before. It was a Sunday and I dont want to miss quality family time, I decided to bring my wife and baby along. Hehehehe. Armed with a Leica M6, I paired it with a Voighlander 15 mm f4.5 Heliar LTM and Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100. There are no entrance fee. Just need to pass through the army’s checkpoint. Met up with Johan, See Meng, Francis, Edwin, Nick and even Madji at the airfield. First impression is that the airplanes are kinda old. Yes. They are¬†decommissioned¬†aircrafts. Some are already leaking. But nonetheless, they are still an awe to look at. This is the first time I am up close to a helicopter. Amazing stuffs. Little Nathania was kinda cranky and pulled a long face all day long. Mummy dear was having a ¬† hard time to pacify her. Mom took some shots with the Sony NEX 3 while I shot here and there. First time using the 15 mm. Not easy to use an Ultrawide angle lens. The perspectives are a little different from conventional composition. I tried to be as creative as possible. But hey…This is my first time with the lens. The excellent Visual Finder (external) was bright and made composing a lot easier. Finally finished one roll and headed home with the family. The guys went ahead for drinks. I had to head home as I need to prepare the little one for her first swimming experience. Will blog about that later. Anyhow..Fast forward. Decided to develop the film via semi stand development technique. I used R09 developer at 1: 100 dilution. The film was pre washed for about 5 minutes. Temperature used was room temperature (note: Will try to use 20 degree¬†Celsius¬†in future). I only gave 15 inversion before leaving it to stand for one hour (note: Will use one minute of inversion and leave to stand. Will also introduce light swirl at 30 mins interval). Stopped with water and fixed via the normal method. Left to dry. Scanning was done with Canon 4400F scanner ( Sold this scanner yesterday. Not too happy with the scans). Had to fix it a little via Lightroom. Added some black and recovery. Here are the pictures for sharing.

RMAF 2011


RMAF 2011

The Giant

RMAF 2011

I Am No 4

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