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_X8J9940Woot! My name is Jason. I am a full time pharmacist. Photography started out as a hobby  to document memorable moments in the family. It eventually evolved into a part time job. I have been shooting for about 3 years now. Started out with my first ever camera Nikon D80, I have now progressed to Canon 5DMkII as my main gear. I have tried various genre of photography from portraiture, events, landscape and weddings. I also love to shoot using the traditional film medium. I cant resist the magical moment of producing a print using traditional darkroom method. This blog is the place where I ll share my work and rants. Hope you guys will enjoy the stay here.


April 16, 2011 | | Posted in Rants

Took a one day trip to Singapore last monday. It was a last minute decision. Johan was heading down to Singapore for a business trip and Nick was hitching a ride down. So I asked if I can tag along. See Meng also wanted to go too. To be honest, that was the 2nd time I set foot on Singapore’s soil. The virgin trip down was sometime in 2007 when I went together with Yee Woon and cousins. Cant really recall how I felt about Singapore back then. But I remembered I did blogged about it. Hang on..Let me check. Found it! Here is the blog post. Reason to head down to Singapore was simple. We were there to sapu the films. Yes. According to some rumor, the price of film will be increasing by 20-25%. We didnt want to take a bet on it. A few weeks back, Ruby’s shelves were practically emptied off.

First stop in Singapore, we had our quick tea (makan again la) at a local food court. Johan recommended one of the must have whenever he is down in Singapore, Bak Chor Mee. I can tell it is good. Why? The Q was so damn long. Its not an easy to prepare meal. According to them, its very manual. Hahahaha.  Anyway, the taste is pretty interesting. Although its called pork noodle mee, its different from the KL version. It tasted a bit sourish ( I think its the vinegar). The liver is cooked differently as well. Its not greyish like the one you see in KL. Apparently it s not fully cooked. What the chef did was..He poured the hot soup over the uncooked liver. Its like medium cooked. I took a piece only as I sorta outgrow livers. Quite a lot of ‘liew’ if you ask me. Its nice!~

The mission was simple, get to Johan’s place before 8 am as we were supposed to leave by 8 sharp. I left early and got there in time. See Meng was having sinus congestion and he was still 50-50 that morning. He was undecided on whether to make the trip or not. But while on my way to Johan’s place, he sms-ed and said he is on the way too. Johan’s grandma made some really nice Yee Mee for us. The hearty breakfast was complete with some really nice Xui Xian chinese tea, fruits and spicy hot chili padi for the Yee Mee. Many thanks to Grandma for the meal. Also met an interesting character at Johan’s place (my first time there), Johan’s Golden Retriever Max. Such an adorable companion. He greeted me like a long lost friend ( I found out why later.. He was kinda horny and he humped my leg a couple a time LOL).  No time to really play with Max. We had to get going. We need to reach Singapore by noon.

Fuel up

Fuel Up

The journey was really ok ( I am not a big fan of long journey ) as the ‘van’ (according to Singapore term) was really comfy and stable. We were going at a very decent speed. The thing with these better built cars, its pretty stable at high speed. It was like we were cruising at 100 km/hour? But in fact we were doing 160-170 km/hour? Some ‘healthy’ discussions were brought up during the journey making it very interesting. Topics ranged from iPad 2, Development time, X100, Leicas, Rolleiflex and films of course. We entered Singapore via the 2nd link. The first time I passed via 2nd link. Its better and nearer as we do need to pass by Johor Baru. The traffic was lesser here. Interesting that I saw at the Msia Immigration counter. I saw a sign ‘ Homemade Chocolate Cookie for Sale’ pasted on the glass of the booth. I can see why one would try to earn some extra money. But hey, Singaporeans drive past this checkpoint ok? Dont think its an appropriate to place an ad at the checkpoint counter. Next stop was the Singaporean immigration and Customs. Nick has some ‘issues’ with the custom officer. Hahahaha. Was queried why he wants to go to Singapore and etc. Anyhow we had a simple answer. We are here to stimulate Singapore’s economy *grins*  Ok. Here is a plus to Singapore’s Custom. They are so thorough. 3 officers checking the car. On a look out for contrabands Eg ciggie and gums.

Bak Chor Mee

Bak Chor Mee

Something interesting to share. Johan told me its ok to leave the bags in the car while we makan. Its pretty safe. But I cant say the same for KL. Hahahahaha. Another interesting fact to share with you all. The food court was really clean. We got there somewhere around before lunch time, just before the lunch crowd kicks in. The floor were really clean. No tissues paper. Of course when the lunch crowd came in, I can see some tissues on the floor. But generally speaking, its still cleaner compared to KL food court.  Noticed that two items were used commonly to ‘chup’ or reserve the empty tables. The umbrellas and the tissue packets. Hahahaha.


Leica Camera Asia

See Meng, Johan and me headed off to the Leica office to collect SM’s M7 while Nick went off to meet up with Phillip Tay to work on his Rolleiflex. After that we met up again at Penisular. Honestly, if I were to work in Singapore, I think it will be a new gear once a month. The analogue community is alive and well in Singapore. The amount of 2nd hand Leica gears reflect on the buying power of Singaporeans. Johan headed over to Konota to pau-ed the Fujifilm while we headed to Ruby. Developer, Fixer and of course FILMs were our targets. I got some Tri X, HP5, Ektar, Pan 400 and Pan 50. The Pan 400 came highly rated as it was cheaper and characteristically the same as HP5. Johan also managed to get some Fuji Superia 1600 (which was said to be almost similar to Natura 1600). Cant wait to test those out. It was not cheap. The Superia is retailing around $10.50. Nick got himself a 5 Reel Paterson. Now we know who to look for besides Johan when we want to do some major dev session.

For Sale

Leicas For Sale

After tapau-ing the film, we headed off to Funan, Adelphi and some other places. We had tea at some place ( I forgot the name). It was raining that day. So the weather was kinda cool and wet. Not much shots taken. I managed to finish one roll of Neopan 400 and took some shots with the NEX3. Have not check the shots out yet. But its kinda interesting in Singapore. Some points need to be taken:

Generally the feeling is, I feel Singapore is  really a nice place to visit and shop. Somehow, the inflation is lower in Singapore. I can still source a $2 plus/bowl mee. Shopping is comparatively cheaper compared to Malaysia. Electronic items are cheaper too. Hahahaha. How I wish I can shop some of the items there and bring back to KL. But I dont want to risk it by getting apprehended and taxed by the Malaysia Customs.

Camera Book Shop

Specialized Bookshop

We met up with George, Mabel and David for dinner before we headed back to KL. Nice place. Pizza, Sausages , Pork Knuckle and most importantly..German Beer ( I didnt drink la ). Its funny how photography brings people together. We are friends because of a common passion. We met Olivier/Oliver ( An Austrian, hence I am not too sure on how to spell his name) another photography enthusiast who was going for a beer but ended up having dinner with us. He owns a cool Leica M6 classic and a DR 50 mm Summicron. We took quite a lot of shots that night. But my film is still in the container waiting for its turn to be developed. We headed back to KL around 930 and got back real late. Hahahhaa. It was a good trip to Singapore. Fresh stock, good food and companionship. Looking forward to do this again. Many thanks to Jo for the ride down.

Update March: Nathania

April 2, 2011 | | Posted in Rants

Time for a little update on my precious little girl. She is 8 months old now. She have made some really good progress compared to last month. Last month she was learning how to sit. Not really stable. We got some pointers from Max and Katherine, their six months old Juberly can sit very well. Nathania was really onto practicing her back muscle. She would go on all fours and stretch forward and backward trying to strengthen her back muscle. She crawls around like a ‘soldier’ pretty well.


Practicing her Crawling technique

She finally managed to prop herself up sitting when she turned 8 months old. Within days, she also managed to stabilize herself by using both her hands. Right now, she is very quick, every now and then she will stop, sit up and turn around and off she goes on the wall. Crawling distance has been increased as well. She can cover the distance from the Living area all the way to the Kitchen. Its pretty interesting to see how she practice to sit upright..Wobbly and I ll go “be careful!~” Hahahaha. Yes, once in a while she has her fair share of knocks by falling over. Thank God for wooden strip flooring. Hehehe. It minimize the damage.

Second day CNY.

One of the few early shots

Daddy loves Baby

Papa and Nathania

Baby and Mama

Mama and Nathania

Lately she is practicing her ‘speeches’ as well. Yeah..Baby languages. I have no idea whats she saying at all.  Everything sounds foreign to us.  Sometimes, she will go Pa..pa..pa..pa..pa..Pa!!~ or When she is crying she will Pa pa ma ma pa pa ma ma!~Hehehe. For the record, she started calling ‘papa’ when she was about 6 months old. Kekekeke. Wifey is jealous coz baby called papa first. But the odd thing is..She sometimes calls my wife Papa instead *Irony*. Kekekeke Nevertheless, I look forward to her future development.

P.S. I love Instagram

Violence or No Violence

March 21, 2011 | | Posted in Rants

Yesterday was pretty eventful. I passed by my housing area security post and I saw some securities hustling a dirty looking young man. I turned back and stop at the security post and enquired what was going on. The guard manning the post told me that the scrap metal collector (Dirty looking young man/DLYM) was acting suspiciously at the back lane. Apparently he had this ‘blue blade’ (the type where you use to cut/saw through pvc/metal stuffs) and he hid it in the back pocket when approached by the guards patrolling the back lanes. The guards got suspicious of him and took him to the guard house. So some really macho looking guards (machas) took turns to interrogate him (punches/slaps/kicks). I told the guards to call the police. The DLYM panicked and sank to his knees and asked for forgiveness. He insisted he was there merely to collect scraps and not steal. I took a look at his ‘collection’ of the day and cant find anything suspicious. Checked his documents and he has legal/valid documents. I pity this guy as he could be at the wrong place at the wrong time. We took a picture to be safe and let him off. Personally if you asked me, I dont think its right for the security guards to hit him. Like it or not, there is no proof. No one saw him cutting through any grills/locks etc.

I Did Not Steal

Reflecting 2010

January 23, 2011 | | Posted in Rants

Harlo to year 2011. Welcomed Day 1 of 2011 by waking up around 730 am this morning. Not working today. Played with the baby abit before proceeding to do the house chores. Technically, we slept through the countdown last nite. We had a nice dinner (cooked by me la :P) before spending the nite further with baby Nathania. But of course, we were woken up by fireworks booming through the skies. Lovely view from the room. Nathania cried. Think she is pretty ‘disturbed’ by the loud sound. Now I wonder how she will react during CNY. It will be 10 times louder and merrier.

Well..Looking back at 2010, alot of things happened throughout the year. *btw, its 23 Jan 2011 now. Doing post edit* I got married on the 30th Jan 2010 to my beloved wife Yee Woon. Actually we registered our marriage back in 2009 on the 28th of Fed *Thanks for pointing out dear*. You may be asking why am I listing out the dates 🙂 This method actually serve as a reminder to myself. So excuse in future if I can t remember the dates of the important days in my life. Marriage was never on my mind years ago until I met Yee Woon. Love at first sight? Hahaha. I still remember the very first time I saw her at the clinic when she reported in. Not so pretty due to the ‘aunty’ hairstyle. But as time progress, I realized she is indeed beautiful. Back those days, my dear wife uses make up *enhances the beauty* but nowadays she seldom make up *naturalist ma..:P* And she is slightly meatier back then. Now after delivery of Nathania, she lost a lot of weight. But makeup or no makeup, fat or thin, she is my beloved wife. Love ye dear!~

Next best news of the year! Promotion. Who does not love promotion? Be it in the gov or private setting, everyone welcome the good news of promotion. Been working with the gov since 2004. Started on U41 grade. The lowest ranking ‘officer’. PM Najib introduced automatic promotion in 2010. Was upgraded to U44. Now, it takes only 14 years only to reach U54. Back those days..You can slog till you drop, but no promotion guaranteed.  I know some very senior officers who have served for more than 10 years but still stucked in the U41 grade. But good news for them. Most of them are upgraded to U52 or U54 immediately after the new scheme was launched. Many ask why am I still in the gov, I get this question all the time. To be honest, back in the student days, I have always look up to my dad who was a KKM staff as well. I practically grew up around the Cancer department HKL. I welcome the Dettol smell everytime I stepped into the hospital compound. So when I was in my final year in Uni, I was determine to join HKL to do my pupillage. Thus my journey in the gov begun. Yes..the thought of leaving the gov service did crossed my mind a couple of time during the past few years. Something always held me back. Anyhow, am grateful for the cheap house loan. Without it, I will not be able to purchase my current property.

Speaking of property, we got the keys to our first home in April 2010. I have to say a big ‘Thank You’ to my cousin Anderson and his wife Joy. If they did not notify me of the project, I would have not pay the show room a visit. Never did give  thought to the idea of buying a property back then. Went back home and had a serious discussion with Yee Woon. We knew we couldnt afford a landed property. I wanted to have a home near to my parents place. But price of property was soaring and it has not slow down till now. We bought the condo for RM250k in 2008 and it has risen to around RM450k now. I wanted to cash out but..I know very well I cant afford landed property for the prices has gone even much more higher now. Anyhow, we moved into the new home on June 2010 *cant remember the date*. We did a simple reno to the place. Lighting and plaster ceiling. Just nice. Of course, if $$ is not a problem, the place would have been a lot nicer. I look forward to spending some good years at the condo. If God bless me with some good money, I ll invest in another property.

The biggest happening of the year was the birth of our precious daughter Nathania Ng En Qi on the 19th of July 2010. It was not a planned pregnancy, but God had His own plans. We got the big news about the pregnancy on the eve of Anderson and Joy’s wedding day. Hahaha. My wife couldnt sleep and she broke the news to me at 8 am on the 29th of Nov 2010. I was really happy..Euphoria!~ I have always wanted a baby. I love kids. Hahaha. Had some trouble breaking the news to my parents. I expected Dad to be pissed and Mom to be happy. But I got it wrong. Dad was really cool about it and Mom was kinda angry. But she got over it pretty quick and soon she was wondering what if it was a pair of twins? Hahahha. Ladies and Gentleman, that s my mom. Being traditional ,she was kinda pissed coz we have not gone through the traditional wedding yet. But hey..We are legally married 🙂 The next 9 months of journey was preparing for the arrival of the baby. We made multiple visits to the MCH at KK Jinjang to make full use of the ultrasound machine and etc. We kept good track of the baby development. I remember I felt Nathania first kick when we came back from Pangkor Laut trip. It was just outside the entrance to Sierramas at the traffic light . The feeling was like ‘WOW! I felt the baby moving’. Now as off 22th of June 2011, baby Nathania is already 6 months old. I love her dearly. She has brought joy to our family. Mom, Dad and even my sister Ling Huey spend a lot of time with her daily as mom takes care of her during the day.  Am grateful to my parents for making the effort to wake up early daily and travel through the notorious potholes infested Jalan Segambut Dalam to reach my condo to pick up little Nathania back to the Kepong house. Even my brother Yang is making good progress with the baby. Funny thing, it sorta gel the family together. To God, thank you!~ The baby is indeed a gift of God. The name Nathania means ‘Gift of God’. Papa and Mama loves you dearly. May 2011 brings us even more joy and happiness.

Overall, 2010 was a pretty good year with ups and downs. But the 4 above were the major happenings of the year. I look forward to 2011. It has not really begun well, Notebook rosak la and Car rosak la etc etc. But hey…I got some really good stuffs to start the year off. Wedding photography was good too. Been involved in several assignments with some of the big names in the wedding industry. Well..Time to sign off. I hope to write more. But as usual la..Writers block LOL. 73!~ Cheerio (HAM language)

Project Danbo

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What happens when a few photographers start talking about toys? Hehehehe. We ended up getting Danboard. Edwin, Jamie, Nick and David have been posting some toy pics on cincai la group. And out of no where, Nick posted a Danbo pic. It s hard NOT to Like this cute boxy figurine. There is a couple of version out there in the market. But the popular ones are the 7-11 and Amazon version. Thank God we managed to get the Amazon.co.jp version. The 7-11 version is not available in the market as it is only available in Japan only. The amazon.co.jp comes in two sizes. We call them BigDan and MiniDan. Both are pretty cute and adorable. Also comes with LED eyes. Yeah. They do lit up. For 2011, you guys will see a lot of Danboard or Danbo pictures. Its part of our Toy Story project. Here is a pic to end year 2010. A very Happy New Year to you all readers. May 2011 brings wealth , prosperity and health to all.

Danbo Talks

Danbo ‘Talks”

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