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_X8J9940Woot! My name is Jason. I am a full time pharmacist. Photography started out as a hobby  to document memorable moments in the family. It eventually evolved into a part time job. I have been shooting for about 3 years now. Started out with my first ever camera Nikon D80, I have now progressed to Canon 5DMkII as my main gear. I have tried various genre of photography from portraiture, events, landscape and weddings. I also love to shoot using the traditional film medium. I cant resist the magical moment of producing a print using traditional darkroom method. This blog is the place where I ll share my work and rants. Hope you guys will enjoy the stay here.

Happy Feet

December 6, 2010 | | Posted in Rants, Uncategorized

Happy Feet :)

Hello and good morning!~ Been missing for sometime. Was pretty busy at work *wink* Most of my PCs have some form of problem. Mac Mini- Dead Fan (Repaired) and  Compaq Notebook- Dead MOBO ( Squeezing the last bit of warranty- Appointment with the technician this Wed). Mac Mini repair was pretty straight forward. Quotation, was hopeful that its not the logic board. The warranty just expired and the fan decided to die. Thank God the repair was not that expensive. Not so lucky with the notebook. God knows why the ‘Blue screen’ syndrome keeps popping up. I ran memtest to test out the RAM. They came back ok. Ran checkdisk to make sure the new hard disk was ok . Yeah..You read me right. A NEW hard disk. Funny thing was, the problem surfaced after I changed the HD. Tried reformating, problem persisted. Hopefully a new MOBO will solve it once and for all, else..I ll need to get a new notebook (which is something I dont want to do so after spending on a new iPad). Will talk more on the iPad in the next post.

Update Update, baby Nathania is around 4 months and 2 weeks old now. Active little baby she is. Loves to sing ( sebenarnya is screaming ler). Also loves to grab Daddy’s spec and Mommy’s hair. Started her on milk powder recently. Due to unseen circumstances, the natural milk production is kinda low 😛 (wife s gonna kill me for saying this), so we had to supplement with milk powder. In comparison with her cousin Adriel, Little Nathania is kinda small in size. But nevertheless, she s our little bundle of Joy. We are happy as long she is healthy. Think she is teething lately. She loves to chew on Grandpa’s shoulder. According to some, its too early for teething. I m not too sure. But she had the teething ‘low sai’ symptom too. Hopefully we will get to see her first tooth soon. Little Nathania inherited the infamous Ng/Wong family’s temper. She will show her displeasure by screaming/rubbing her ears/crying and etc. Not easy to manage. But I hope that she will grow up and learn to control the temper. We dont want her to be a spoilt little girl. I pray to God, please guide her and mold her. Picture above was taken sometime in November. She loves to rub her tiny feet. Just like me. Hehehehe. Think she looks like me when I was small. Will post some of the old pics for reference too. Cheerio!~

New Working Place

November 6, 2010 | | Posted in Rants

Woot!~ First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Belated Deepavali!~ Yeah!~ Its the holiday season again. Yes. I love public holidays!~ 😀 A little update about me. I have been officially transfered to a local community clinic. It s nearer to my home and wife’s working place. Working hours start at 8 instead of 730 am.  I do not need to wake up at 6 am and leave the house by 6.45 am to avoid the daily traffic snarl. Now I leave for work around 730 am and reaches the clinic after a 10 mins journey, thanks to DUKE expressway 😛 It s kinda weird to be back in the clinic scene after 4 years of enforcement work. I still remember the dark days in KK Jinjang. Two pharmacists and two dispensers…And freaking 600 patients daily. Yes, I was traumatized by the previous stint in the clinic. I was sorta rescued by my ex boss (super nice boss k?) Mr Yeap. He paved way for me to the world of Law. To be honest, I rejected the op to work in the enforcement when I reported in for duty in 2006. But eventually I took a liking to it. Will try to return to the enforcement work one day I hope. But anyhow, I am back in the clinic. Thank God, it s was not as bad as I thought. Kinda cozy. Nice patients and fellow staffs. Funny thing, many thought I would not be able to perform in the clinic after being out of touch for so long. But ..Once a pharmacist, a pharmacist I will always be. I kept in touch with the updates and products. So it was kinda easy for me 🙂

Batu Clinic is a pretty interesting place. No longer in the small shop lot, it had moved to a larger premise just further down the road. We have a decent parking complex. The entrance to the clinic looks kinda a bit dodge-y due to a snooker parlor and a karaoke “ahem ahem” outlet next to it. So many bad elements but yet the clinic is where we heal the patients. As long we dont get involve, we are pretty ok. Another plus to the area is..we have 4 different kind of banks in front of the clinic. This is a boon to me as I have better access to banks now.

Vodka’s Beauty Workshop

September 27, 2010 | | Posted in Workshop

Active Photokaki forum users would know who is Vodka. I have been following Vodka’s work for sometime. An active contributor in the Portrait section, his pictures rake in high count of comments and views from forum users. Funny thing though, I have never met Vodka in person despite us poking each other on Facebook. He said he has seen me in SIC Sepang before, and I do recall seeing a guy in resemblance to Vodka. So best thing about Blackberry, we have BBM. With the recent dip in Blackberry phone prices and as well super crazy price from Digi, more people are on Blackberry. Added Vodka into my BBM list. One day, he asked me if I am interested to join his workshop. I said why not? Title of the workshop was Beauty Workshop. I ll be honest, I m a guy who has zero knowledge on Studio lights and I am equipped with really minimal photoshop skill. A chance to learn from one of the best in commercial photog, I said yes.

Workshop was set to yesterday (Sunday) from 2 pm onwards. Location was at Vodka’s place in Kuchai Lama. Sorry, but I really have to CURSE malaysia road signs. I headed to Kuchai from Jalan Istana. The bloody signboard was so damn small that I failed to notice it. The turning into Kuchai is right after the turning into MEX highway. So crap..I missed it. Fine. I did a U Turn at Desa Petaling. Again, poor placement of signboards confused me further. I missed the turning into Kuchai again. Had to do another U turn at Chan Sow Lin. Wasted my petrol and time. Anyway I got to the studio safely. Odd enough, I was early too. Kong aka DKBU had not arrived yet. Met Kenny Yee the MUA ( he is a PRO k?) who I followed on Facebook too. Of course Face to face to Vodka for the first time. Nice fella. He reminds me of Bosco Wong. Why? He has a diamond ear ring on the left lobe of his ear too. Met lovely Evyan for the first time too. I left them to be as Kenny was busy preparing Evyan for the shoot. I was already impressed with the workshop. Not many will provide a commercial MUA for workshop. And Evyan is a well established model too.

Kong arrived and we were instructed to power up our notebooks. Photoshop CS3 and above is required and of course Lightroom 3. Vodka explained that there will be 3 types of makeup for the session, Nude (plain makeup), Glamor and the last one I cant recall. But the makeup was awesome!~ I got to ask Vodka again later. 3 different lighting setup will be used in the session. 3 lights for the first session (White Background), 1 light for the 2nd session (White background) and 1 light again for the last session (Black background). White balance card is a must in the session. This is to correct the white balance later in post processing. Another essential tool is the light meter. This is to get the correct exposure. We started off with F16 1/125 and ISO 100. Took some shots and off the post processing session. Vodka said we were to gentle with model. LOL. I can t really direct. Kong was having fun doing direction. Kenny was at the side waiting to sort out the baby hairs and rouge hairs.

The first thing involved was to import the pictures into Lightroom. Vodka stressed on the use of Lightroom Catalogues which made the whole process easier and less messier. He guided us on his steps on beauty post processing. It was a little bit too fast for me as I was having problem in dealing with a 21MP Raw file. Hahah. My notebook was struggling to cope with the massive file. But eventually I managed to follow. I had to take some notes down. The post processing steps were pretty easy to follow. Practice make perfect according to Vodka. I noticed that the most important step in the whole post processing part is actually the cleaning session. To ensure a good output later, the base for further processing must be good. Clean up involves cloning out the moles, zits, wrinkles and etc. The one done by Vodka has a really good texture to it while mine was a little bit unnatural. Hahahah. Practice Practice! says Vodka. I guess it s real. I am going to put in at least one hour of Photoshop session a day from now on. Some other steps were taught and I ll leave it to curios people to join the workshop in order to know more. But I can say that the final output really pop. Details were really good.

I think the workshop is worth attending. Especially newbies. But I do wish to  learn more info about the lights set up. So Vodka, I ll be back for more workshops. Here is a picture to share with all. Pardon my limited post processing skills. I ensure you guys will see better stuffs from me in future. As usual, I m a fan of BW pictures. Hahaha. So I converted the pic into Black and White. Will post the color version once I am happy with the images. Cheers!~

Evyan BW

Inspired by Potatoe. But hard to achieve the correct composition. Will try again 🙂

One Camera One Lens One Film

September 25, 2010 | | Posted in Film BW

Hello! Good day to all. Was surfing www.rangefinderforum.com and I came across an interesting link posted by a fellow forum member, Petronious. He started a project some time ago. For the one whole year he would only shoot with a single camera and film. You can check out his work on his blog www.rollei35andpolypanf.blogspot.com . Of course I was very interested in his project. You see, most photographers would have more than 1 camera in their drybox (if they have one) be it film or digital. Next we have the lenses. All the way from the superwide to the supertele (for those who can afford it la). For my Nikon film system, I know I have from 28 mm all the way to 180 mm covered ( all primes *wicked*). And I know too that I don’t use them often. So I got in touch with Petronious. I asked about the project and how he dev his film. The dev part was interesting too. This is because he is using stand development method. Normal dev technique usually takes about 8-15 mins depending on the type of developer and film used. Stand dev uses small amount of developer and long dev time. Another fellow forum user Tang Yi Ming aka Neoro uses Rodinal 3 ml with 500 ml of water. But his aint a stand dev method coz the process is complete in 13 minutes. Film development is like a cooking class. Different people have different method and recipe. But it all for tryout. I don’t mind experimenting. Here is a recipe from Petronious. Do check it out.Credits to Petronious.

Some words about my stand developing method:

• I use APH09 developer, which has the same formula as Rodinal
• Dilution is 1+100; my tanks are from JOBO with plastic reels (One daylight Tank 2400 for one film, one system 1000 tank for max. five rolls)
• After filling in the developer I invert the tank 15 times and let it stand still for one hour (longer time doesn´t harm the film in my experience)
• I don´t use stop bath, only water after the developing (two water changes with five inversions each)
• Then fixing with Adofix (or similar fixer)
• Washing method: Water in the tank, five inversions; water change, ten inversions; water change 20 inversions; final change, the 40 inversions.
• I take the film from the spool and strip off the water with a paper towel (no pressure, only to get the drops off)
• Then I hang the film for drying

Note: This is by no means my own invention, I only combined some advices from the net; the drying by paper towel is not recommended by many people, but I found that the Polypan doesn´t scratch as quickly as often mentioned.

I think I ll start shooting with one camera and one type of film and prob one type of dev too very soon. Try it out. After a year, review your work and see if there is any improvement.

Butt Naked :P

September 8, 2010 | | Posted in Rants

Nathania Ng

Selamat Hari Raya!~ Since it is public holiday, I think I ll spend sometime to rewrite this blog entry. When was the last time you remember you had a naked photo of you taken by your parents? I dont remember mine. Hahaha. But I remember cousin Wayne has one. All the cousins had a good laugh whenever we saw the picture.  Took this pic after her bath session in the morning. She looks forward to the massage session after bathing. Odd for a 1 month plus baby, she can raise her head well above ground level when placed on her tummy. Cute or not? Hehehe. She is now very responsive towards people. She giggles in a funny way and has her own baby language. Sometimes she goes ‘ooh-ooh, ah ah’ and some other that are just too cute to describe. She even knows how to cry out or call out for our attention. She absolutely loves people’s attention and talking session. Looking forward to more interactive session with her. Cheers!~

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