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_X8J9940Woot! My name is Jason. I am a full time pharmacist. Photography started out as a hobby  to document memorable moments in the family. It eventually evolved into a part time job. I have been shooting for about 3 years now. Started out with my first ever camera Nikon D80, I have now progressed to Canon 5DMkII as my main gear. I have tried various genre of photography from portraiture, events, landscape and weddings. I also love to shoot using the traditional film medium. I cant resist the magical moment of producing a print using traditional darkroom method. This blog is the place where I ll share my work and rants. Hope you guys will enjoy the stay here.

Canon Brings us SImon Yam

May 26, 2010 | | Posted in Event

Woot!~ 24th of May 2010 was an exciting day for Canon EOS users. In celebration of Canon endorsed artist Simon Yam being awarded the Best Actor Award (at the Hong Kong Film Festival), Canon organized a celebration party at Golden Screen Cinemas, Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur. Those who owns a Canon EOS were entitled to two invitation tickets to the event. It was however limited to the first 300 eligible registrants. I met  a few familiar faces over there that day. I saw MarkLeo and Munz. I also saw Hon Woei Tatt from CPF Negeri Sembilan. This is the first time I am up close and personal with Mr Simon. LOL. Didn’t dare to ask for a pic coz was shooting that time. Should have done it. Dang!~ Missed the chance. But overall, I think Simon is a real gentlemen. Soft spoken and a passionate about his work. And yes, from the short interview session, I know he is very passionate about the 5DMkII. Also recalled that he spoke of how he didn’t afford the luxury of a camera while growing up. Yeah Simon. Most of us share the same experiences. I think he also mentioned he did a short movie using the 5DMkII. I should google it up. Here are some pics to share and as usual BW mode.

Meet Simon Yam

Interview was done here

Meet Simon Yam

I also must camwhore abit. Thanks MarkLeo for the pic.

PS: Am gonna re-edit the pictures.


May 23, 2010 | | Posted in Rants

Good Morning. Yes! I know its 1.24 am in the morning. Actually waiting for Champion League Final. But I am gonna talk about something else. I was browsing through Flickr today and I came across some really nice Polaroid pictures. I thought the guy had some Polaroid template and Photoshop-ed the picture into the base template. I mailed him and asked. I was kinda surprised when he replied and told me its not a template. I can actually download the program from the net. He gave me the link to Poladroid. You guy can visit the web via http://poladroid.net. It’s available in both Mac and Windoze format. I downloaded the version for Windoze. Installation was fairly easy. Hehehe. When done click on the Poladroid icon on the desktop. The program will run and you will see a Polaroid camera. Hahaha. Here comes the fun part. Drag any picture onto the camera. Yes..Click and Drag. Oh yeah, make sure speaker ada on ok? If you ever handled a Polaroid camera or Fujifilm Instax, you will recognize the whirling sound immediately. The best part, this is your digital Polaroid. An image will appear on your desktop. Similar to the exposed Polaroid. If want the hasten the process, click on the image and drag it left and right. This is to simulate the ‘Polaroid shaking’ procedure. After a while, when a ribbon appears on the picture, voila..You have a Polaroid picture!~ I damn gatal and processed alot today. Have a look.

Leica IIIF Poladroid

Leica IIIF

P.S. As off 10.45 am, I have problems with my wordpress. Am updating by typing in HTML codes. Hopefully this will work out. Hahahah.

P.S.2. As off 11.02 am, I have successfully posted a blog entry by using HTML codes. But susah la…

Alive and Not Dead

May 22, 2010 | | Posted in Rants

I remember I used to rummage through my parent’s wardrobe, closet, drawers and other compartments as a small kid. Yes..I know I shouldn’t do that. But as a kid, I was curios kid by nature. It s like going on a treasure hunt at home. I would be fascinated every time I find something new eg My parents Love Letters 😛 , Jewelries and etc. My dad used to have an old Yashica . Sad to say..I cant remember which model it was. But I remember going into the room quietly, opened the drawer, took out the camera and crank the advance lever quietly. Every time I released the shutter, I will imagine I am somewhere, taking pictures. If I am not mistaken, I think dad used to love to take pictures of us. But I don’t know why he gave up somewhere along the road haha. The camera eventually got discarded as it was full of fungus.

Leica IIIF

Sometime last year in 2009. I was bitten by the Leica Leitz IIIF bug. I think it s all because of Liew aka Silentshutter’s fault. He left his unit in my dry box for sometime. His IIIF is a Black Dial version. A Leica III is seriously a fully mechanical rangefinder. Not a camera for everyone but if you are serious about photography, you will appreciate such a masterpiece. First that grabs you is..The loading mechanism. You will have to trim the film leader. Loading is unlike the conventional way. Some might find it a hassle. It still amazes me how those war photographer changed film rapidly under stress *bullets and explosions all around* The is a Visual Finder (50 mm) and a Rangefinder Focusing window. Not easy as you will have to look into the Visual Finder first to compose and then into the Rangefinder Focusing window to focus. For focusing, there is even a zooming lever where you can zoom in to make focusing easier. After releasing the shutter, to advance you will have to rotate and dial the advance knob. Interesting piece of camera if you ask me. Hehehe.

I managed to get one really Mint Leica IIIF Red Dial Self Timer from a Hong Kong eBay seller. I was told that I do not require Clean Lube and Adjustment (CLA) as the owner had done so. Paid somewhere near a premium price for this camera. But when it arrived, I found that the camera need some form of adjustment. Didn’t pursue the matter with the seller as he is in Hong Kong. I shot a test roll of 36 exposures. First 20 frames came out perfect, but the last 16 frames were half exposed. Contacted YouXin. He said it s best to have it CLA-ed. Called my regular middleman Eddie Teoh. Had the camera passed to Vinson. I received the camera last week. Unfortunately..I dont want to say Vinson did a shoddy job. But the camera came back with 3 problems. It s back with him. I hope he will do a better job. To his credit, he did a really good job with my Pre AI and AI Nikon lens. Those were badly fungus-ed. The lens came back in pristine condition, not even a hint of wipemarks. So I hope the IIIF is an isolated case 🙂

Bundle of Joy

May 17, 2010 | | Posted in Film BW, Rants

Good Evening all!~ I m going to be a Daddy soon. Wife is currently 30 weeks pregnant. It s  such an amazing experience from Day 1. I didn’t really blog about this earlier. So I guess I want to share this now. We actually got to know about the pregnancy last year (Nothing to be shy about despite we actually got Married this year, but we are legally registered early last year) on the 27th of November. It was a day before my cousin’s birthday. Hahaha. Can remember this forever. I could hardly contain my excitement when wifey called me that morning. It was around 8 am. She told she had a positive result for the pregnancy test kit. The first person I called was my cousin. Hahaha. I didnt tell mom and dad immediately. I was worried as they are kinda traditional. But I did tell my parents after speaking with my cousin. I was kinda shock actually. The person who I thought all along as a  open minded person (mom) was shocked whereas the person I thought of as ‘kolot’ (dad) was pretty cool about it. Hahahah. Mom eventually shared the happiness and excitement. She was already wishing for a grand daughter. * her wish came true*

We went to a private O and G doctor at Sentosa Hospital to ‘confirm’ the pregnancy. Pregnancy was confirmed via a test strip again. Next came the ultrasound machine. Dr showed us a small sac with a black dot. She said, there..That s your Baby. I was like..Wah!~ But the next thing she did really kicked in. Dr: Mr Ng, Lets see if we can see the heartbeat. Me: Dr, Baru 6 weeks only wo..? And the next thing I saw was some ECG waves on the monitor. It was then, when I became kinda excited and in awe. I am going to be a father. Life is really a miracle. It’s just so magical. I got a copy of scan and kept it in the wallet 🙂

Fast forward, wow..Wifey is 4 months into pregnancy. We went for regular checkups in Klinik Kesihatan Jinjang. They have a Klinik Ibu and Anak there. We were actually amazed at the stringent screening process in KKJ. They did all kind of tests. Kudos to them. Imagine how much you will have to pay if these procedures are done in the private sector. Every a month or so, we went back for ultrasound scan. And this time, I asked the Dr ‘Eh Dr, Boleh nampak Boy or Girl tak? ‘ She zoomed into something and we actually saw a Penis!~ I was like super happy at that time coz I wanted a Boy!~ Hahahaha. Wifey have always wanted a girl. Kekekek. So I was talking to the tummy for one month or so by referring the baby as Boy Boy. Imagine my shock when during the fifth month ultrasound, we failed to locate the tiny kukuciao. Kakaka. Dr told me, ‘Jason..Saya rasa girl la..Pasal nampak Burger’. Hahaha. This time, Wifey was really happy. My mom was even happier. I was disappointed. But at the end of the day, I know I would be happy as long the baby is healthy 🙂

So last night, wifey is already 30 weeks pregnant. I took out the camera and said ‘Mummy!~ Come..Lets take some picture’. It was raining and we did about 10 shots in the bedroom Hehehe. Since I am still in Black and White mood. I kinda converted some pics into BW again. Kekekeke. One thing I noticed was..The tummy is really Bulat. Old people has this saying ‘ If it s a boy, the tummy elongates. And if it s a girl, the tummy is Round’. I guess it s pretty true. I hope to take more pics soon. So stay tune 🙂

PregnancyMy wife asked me to smooth-en her hands..Mana boleh wey!~ Hahahah *evil*

PregnancyNot exactly what I had in my mind..My PP not power la

Leica M9 and The Legendary Noctilux

April 29, 2010 | | Posted in Film BW, Rants

Woot! Sometime ago I had a small TT session with my friends. One of them brought a M9 and another had his 50 mm Noctilux. So I mounted the lens and had a go with it. I find the Noct exhibits some really neat characteristics of its own. For instance, when shot wide..You will get some really nice vignetting effect. Hahaha. Yes, that s right. No need to photoshop. The image is not really sharp. It s a bit soft. So I sharpen my shot abit. Not supposed to do that, but I think I wanted all the attention on my subject of interest. The bokeh rendered is amazingly addictive. Once you tried it, you would wanna try to shoot wide open all the time. This is not the first time I handled the M9. But I would like to comment on a few things. First, I dunno why the hell it cost so much compared to the M8 and M8.2 . And even if you have the moolah for one, M9 is pretty scarce. It s hard to land your hands on one. Even if you do find one, the price tag is pretty high. I have seen some trying to sell at RM28k in Msia and higher than RM30k in HK. So if your urge to get one is high, by all means get it. Put the price factor and el-cheapo LCD aside..You have one hell of a RF camera here. Here is a pic to illustrate the output from the M9 and Noct.

Noctilux Test shot

Photo data:
Year: 2010
Sensor: Leica M9
Developer : Photoshop
Lens: 50 mm Noctilux

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