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Project Danbo

December 31, 2010 | Tags: , , | Posted in Project Danbo

What happens when a few photographers start talking about toys? Hehehehe. We ended up getting Danboard. Edwin, Jamie, Nick and David have been posting some toy pics on cincai la group. And out of no where, Nick posted a Danbo pic. It s hard NOT to Like this cute boxy figurine. There is a couple of version out there in the market. But the popular ones are the 7-11 and Amazon version. Thank God we managed to get the Amazon.co.jp version. The 7-11 version is not available in the market as it is only available in Japan only. The amazon.co.jp comes in two sizes. We call them BigDan and MiniDan. Both are pretty cute and adorable. Also comes with LED eyes. Yeah. They do lit up. For 2011, you guys will see a lot of Danboard or Danbo pictures. Its part of our Toy Story project. Here is a pic to end year 2010. A very Happy New Year to you all readers. May 2011 brings wealth , prosperity and health to all.

Danbo Talks

Danbo ‘Talks”