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Physical Activities

March 11, 2012 | Tags: , | Posted in Rants

I recall Siew Chee Hoong once asked me “Chyuan, you know any basketball courts that operate the flood lights past 10 pm?”, I said no as most of the courts in Kepong Baru dont. If there is one, you will be required to pay ‘rental’. I never did give much thought about the topic after that. I did ask why they play so late. Most of the guys finish work late. So they decided that the best time to play is on Friday nights. So one nice Friday nite around 11.30 pm, I was driving around the¬†neighborhood and I passed by an old basketball court at Bukit Sri Bintang ( A place where I used to play everyday before I got injured), I saw those guys playing. I parked the car and got down. I sat down and chatted with them. All these years (3 years), I stayed off sports due the knee/shoulder injuries I had. But after watching them play for 5 minutes, I was called in to join in. Hesitant initially, I succumbed to the game. I moved slowly and carefully. The knee felt good. But the shoulder¬†wasn’t. I feel pain each time whenever I did a big movement. The game ended around 1.30 am. I was happy coz I sweat a lot. I love physical activities. Yes. I honestly do. Went back home and slept well.

So the following week, I had to find a proper pair of shoes. Dad took over my Nike trainers and its was in a pretty sad state. My proper basketball shoes was peeling all over due to the storage. The only pair of shoes I have left was the New Balance shoes. Even that, the bottom soles were coming off. But at any rate, it suffice for the moment. The second game went well too. My confidence grew. No pain in the knee ma.. So two nights ago, I decided to give it a real test. I took the And1 shoes for repair and got ready for the game. Armed with a knee guard, I had it tight to minimize the joint movement. I moved a lot faster that night. But the shoulder pain was something I cant manage. So I had to limit above head shoulder movement. Nevertheless, I felt much better. I think I ll continue playing every week. Been lying dormant for quite sometime. Dont like it one bit. But jeez, I woke up with really sore legs on Sat. Hahahah. Lack of physical activities over the years. So there were a lot of muscle groups that got tuned that night. Even my arm muscles were aching the other day even thought the only thing I did was shoot and pass. The knee felt really good. I have to bear in mind though, it s not fully healed. The hole is still there in the bone. Its closing..But slow.. Looking forward to healthier life. Signing off. Cheers folks.