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Weddding: Wayne Lee and Jewel

December 18, 2009 | Tags: , , | Posted in Wedding

Hi all. Yesterday my cousin, Wayne Lee married Jewel. Congrats to them. It was a joyous occasion. Cousins and close friends were part of the ‘heng dai’ entourage. My car was assigned as the roast pork transporter. For that, I received a cool angpow from Jewel’s mom. Thanks Aunty. I got to Wayne’s place around 7 am and by 7.30 am we were off to Kota Damansara to pick up the bride. Took some quick shots as the photographer was at Jewel’s place. We were 45 minutes late to Kota Damansara as we had to endured the morning traffic rush. When we got there, the ‘chi mui’s requested us to do a 45 push ups. Hahaha. The young and fit was given the task to complete it!

After that, we were required to participate in the games. The first game was to wear disposable underwears with graffiti 😛 Now..This is not your regular graffiti. Each underwear’s graffiti makes up the work I ‘heart’ u Jewel. It was worn throughout the games session. Next session was our regular sweet, sour, bitter and spicy session. Hahaha. For sweet session, we treated to soda biscuit laced with condensed milk. Kacang putih lar..The heng dais gobbled them down in no time. Lemon were used for the sour session. It was also kacang putih to us coz..We love sourish stuffs! Hahaha. Raw bitter gourd or ‘fu kuah’ was served for the bitter session. Hahaha. Can you belief us tucking them in as though they are guava fruit? Now, the chi muis were thinking, hmm..Why the guys are like no reaction to all these. So..They did a double dose of wasabi soda biscuit to really spice things up. Now..this became a problem. Mr Wayne decided to take this..Tears of joy nearly came out..Hahahaha!

Next game was, we had a paper with several lipstick marks. We had to guess which was Jewel’s lipstick mark. Now, I asked Wayne, did you asked Jewel prior to this to give you a mark as guideline. He said no…Aiyah. How to guess lar. And we decided to follow the size of the lipstick..Hahaha. The first guess was wrong and we had to do some yoga posses. But guess what, we made the correct guess at the 2nd guess. Hahaha. Door had to be opened. But not before some haggling of the fee. Kekeke. Money were passed over and voila..Doors opened.

Now, at this stage. We cant help wayne anymore. He had to sing a song by David Tao. I think the title of the song is ‘I love you’. Now, being English educated, we dun understand a word of mandarin. Wayne had a good portable Karaoke handphone that played out the song. All he had to do was ..Sing along. And we did too..At the Chorus part, where we sang I love you and did some wave LOL. And he did it well lar. He had one last bit to be done before the door ‘s finally opened. He had to sign a contract. Kekekeke. Anyway, Wayne receives Jewel the bride form the father in law and the tea ceremony commence. And after that, we headed back to Jinjang using a shorter route this time. Hahahah. I took the opportunity to take some pics and here are they. Nothing special..But the least I can do for my cousin brother.


Jewel the Bride




Joy and Happiness

Wah Chan!~

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After