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Nathania: Turning One

July 19, 2011 | Tags: , | Posted in Rants

Woot! Happy Birthday to my little Nathania Ng En Qi. You are officially ONE year old now. Papa and Mama love you very much girl. Time really flies, the memories from one year ago are still fresh in our minds. Mama went through some serious labour pain to deliver you girl..Papa also lost some sleeping hours that day hehehe. But it s all good when you arrived. You have brought joy to the whole family. Mend broken relationships. Bring smiles to our faces every morning *except when you poo poo though*. I hope that you will grow up healthy and wise. We have noted that you have quite a bad temper. Easily agitated. Wanting everything your own way despite you were only 3 weeks old then, we have noted your determination is getting things your way. Both Pa and Ma hope it will go away eventually. We will try our best to bring you up with the best values. But somehow, you reminds us very much of Papa’s temper and Mama’s stubbornness. But hey, you are our little combination of X and X genes. I pray that God will shower you with lotsa love and blessings as well. May He sends out Angels from Heaven to look over you *silent prayers to Him*. Oh yeah, we hope you will grow some more hair too la. Haiyah..you look like a boy at the moment. Pa and Ma also hope you will drink more milk. Dont be so choosy. You know girl..Milk powder is sibeh expensive. Pa have to work very hard to buy those milk powder k? Every ounce you waste away is almost equivalent to every 30 mins of extra OT Pa have to put in. Monies aside, you are quite skinny and just hovering above the graph for ‘underweight’.  Look at cousin Adriel..He is so chubby-luscious lo. Pa and Ma dont mind sharing our food with you but kindly make it a point to drink more milk k? Lotsa Loves and Hugs. Looking forward to a simple dinner with Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Yang, Aunt Huey , Pa and Ma later tonite.

Nathania Ng

Nathania Ng